Know More with Our Data

We believe that the more information you have about a problem, the better chance you have at solving it. From the beginning, we knew that building a national data set around wellness was a tall task. We also realized that the unique set of data would have endless uses for the wellness community.

Today we work alongside employers that represent over 5,000,000 employees worldwide. Our wellness data covers diverse organizational size, region and industry. To illustrate, our database includes:

  • 35 of the Fortune 100
  • nearly 40 major metropolitan markets
  • Public (7%) and private (93%) organizations
  • Universities, hospitals, law firms, manufacturers, and over 25 other industries

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Methodology: How we collect data.

Healthiest Employers collects data from multiple, global sources. We work with wellness companies, insurers, and large employers to benchmark information across a variety of sectors and geography.

In 2008, we launched the Healthiest Employers award programs that can be found in most major metropolitan areas today. In this short amount of time, we have collected, compared, and analyzed millions of data points in employee engagement, initiatives, program offerings and incentives. This data is made available through quarterly trends reports, which highlight over 300 data points alone.