#2 Witham Health Services

#2 Witham Health Services

Witham Health Services

Jan. 11, 2023

Ranking: #2

Headquarters: Lebanon, Indiana

Full-Time Employee Count: 973

About: Witham Health Services is an independent hospital located in Boone County (Indiana) and takes pride in being a small hospital with big medicine. Their mission is to improve health through excellence and personalized care. Their team of dedicated professionals, combined with state-of-the-art technology, bring exceptional health resources to patients and their families.

Q: What is the most unique benefit offering currently in place? If you were to talk about your program with someone who does not work there, what would you share about your program that would make them want to join your team?

A: Our most unique offering is the ease of access to physicians, nurses, health coaches, administration, and our community. We feel our employees have resources unlike any other. As our wellness program continues to grow, our employees feel a real sense of pride in our program. Boone County is considered the 3rd healthiest county in Indiana and we have been part of this journey from the very beginning. We started by implementing a tobacco-free campus before it was common. We also were part of the Bike and Pedestrian plan, creating a bike park with our local parks department.

We know the importance of a healthy community for our employees to live and work. We want Witham to be the place our community turns to for their healthcare needs. We want to ensure that our employees have the energy to meet their goals. We foster an environment to help them thrive and research best practices then implement the latest and greatest programs. Our one-on-one health coaching program has been the pinnacle of our wellness approach. Individualized programming and support ensures personal success. There is nothing cookie-cutter about our events or programs because each is specialized and specific. We are very proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve utilizing this approach at Witham Health Services.

Q: How are you addressing the mental health crisis in the United States as COVID-19 continues to pose a threat?

A: As the healthcare provider for Boone County, COVID-19 has challenged us in ways we never anticipated nor expected. However, the foundation of teamwork prepared us  to work together and support one another through the past three years. In addition to our onsite Wellness Center decompression rooms, we also created a tranquility room within a month of our new CEO arriving. This room is a safe place for employees to go for as long as needed to refresh and receive respite from the emotional toils of the day. It's complete with a massage chair, hot tea/coffee station, meditation space, bolsters, blocks, blankets, and calming lighting and music. This sacred space is a physical gesture that lets employees know we care about their mental health and wellness.

We know with change comes growth and new opportunities. Our Human Resources department is among the very best and ensures our employees have what they need at any moment. Our providers implemented a depression screening process for all patients and we try to be as proactive as possible with our own employees. If someone seems off or down, we encourage employees to ask one another for help. Witham is truly one big family. You feel it the second you walk in our doors. It truly is medicine like no other!

Q: What statistic best captures the success of your program’s effectiveness in the past 12 months?

A: I say this every year – our participation rate is unreal! We have over 97% participation in our wellness program and not only do our employees participate, they engage! We have almost 1,000 employees and I can honestly say, our wellness team engages and supports each and every one. We also encourage family members, as we know it is important that our employees go home to a healthy environment. We can ensure our work environment is healthy and our community is healthy, but we also strive to give our employees the tools and the time to ensure their own households are thriving. We are constantly evaluating the needs of our employees through data, which helps us best serve them. Our employees are our wellness champions and encourage other employees and patients to get excited! We open our hospital up to allow our community to have a safe space to walk, exercise, and get educated. We ARE making an impact!

Q: Provide a testimony from one of your employees.

A: A recent retiree came to the Wellness team in tears of joy. This employee has been a Wellness Champion since our program inception in 2008. She took every class, came to every seminar, and participated in every event. If we offered something, we knew she would be there. Upon her well-deserved retirement, she told her story of her battle with her weight, blood pressure, and mental health. She credited our team with eliminating her need for blood pressure medication, for helping her finally achieve a healthy weight, and for her vibrant outlook on life and retirement. Because of Witham Wellness, she is confident she'll be able to go on adventures she never dreamed of and be fully present with her loved ones.

“Witham Health Services offers our employees educational programs, exercise and cooking classes, health screenings and health tips. Many of these same programs are offered to our community members as well. Witham partners in the community to help spread and bolster health initiatives throughout Boone County. Our wellness team promotes healthy lifestyles and activities in our schools and businesses. Health factors differ throughout Indiana. Communities that are healthier thrive. We are thrilled that Boone County ranks #3 in Indiana county health rankings and continues to improve and foster health equity in our community.”
– Kelly Braverman, President and CEO

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