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Shining a Spotlight on Healthiest Employers

Healthiest Employers® is a trusted awards program that recognizes people-first organizations taking a more proactive approach to employee health. Our goal is to be a resource for organizations focused on improving their employees’ health, creating a community invested in their populations' health and well-being.

Our Mission

Healthiest Employers® is a community of leaders dedicated to cultivating a more proactive approach to employee health benefits and well-being.

AWARDS Program

The Nation’s Leading Corporate Well-being Award

To participate in the Healthiest Employers award program, employers of all industries and sizes complete an online wellness assessment. Companies are assessed on a broad spectrum of wellness and worksite health initiatives, spanning cultural and leadership support to technological prowess to programmatic effectiveness.

Put Your Data to Work

Compare your Health Programming Against the Nation's Healthiest

Each year, Healthiest Employers gains insight on current wellness trends from innovative, forward-looking companies who are investing in the health of their employees. To share our findings, we create Benchmark Reports to provide employers an opportunity to learn from the leading organizations that participated in the Healthiest Employers® awards program.

BEYOND wellness

Building a Community and Resource Center

While Healthiest Employers started as a corporate wellness awards program to highlight innovative companies, it has evolved into a community that emphasizes the role employers play in the health of their population, by connecting best-in-class human resource professionals. Throughout the years, we’ve seen organizations prove the value of their wellness programs and initiatives as they prioritize, take action, and ultimately, improve the lives of their employees.

HR Heroes

Healthiest Employers has attracted over 10,000 employers representing over 60 million employees from all across the United States.

“Healthiest Employers has been a tremendous resource to our organization. More than an award program. Healthiest Employers brings measurable insight to help us develop, monitor, and track outcomes in wellness.”
“Ever wonder where to go for wellness trends and best practices? We did, too. Then, we participated in the healthiest Employers program and discovered actionable ways to improve our wellness offering."
“Wellness is the buzz, even with little-to-no credible ROI. The data and benchmarking I received from Healthiest Employers helped my team create a best of breed wellness program that I can hold accountable."
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