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Healthiest Employers shines a spotlight on employers who are epitomizing what it means to be employee- focused. Since its beginning in 2009, Healthiest Employers has hosted hundreds of awards contests across 40+ US cities and honored over 10,000 employers representing over 60M employees. 

At Healthiest Employers, we take a holistic view of worksite health, understanding what it looks like to  have your leadership team completely bought in, to  understand  the needs of your employee population, and identify how you are proactively supporting wellbeing.

Q: Who created the questions?
With the help of a national, non-biased group of well- being representatives from the academic, medical, clinical, human resources, and business communities, we crafted the categories, scoring, and benchmarking for our online assessment.

Q: Is there a fee to apply?
There is no fee to apply to the Healthiest Employers program!

Q: Is my information safe?
A: Yes! No personally identifying information is ever shared with anyone outside of the Healthiest Employers, LLC organization or our event partners. Healthiest Employers, LLC operates under Springbuk, a HITRUST-certified organization.To read more about our privacy and protection, please visit Springbuk's website here.
Q: Is my company eligible to apply?

A: Eligibility requirements are: must be a business or non-profit entity, demonstrate evidence of wellness programming (as indicated by the application), and have at least 2 employees.

Q: How do I nominate my organization for the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America award?
A: The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America award is our national recognition that honors the top 100 scoring companies from all regions, categories, and industries. If you apply for a regional award, your application is automatically considered for national recognition and there is no other additional information needed on your end.

Q: If we have offices in more than one location, can I apply  in multiple regions?
A: You are eligible to apply in any region where there is an office of more than 50 employees OR at least 10% of your workforce.

Q: How is my assessment scored?
A: The responses are scored Rubric style 1-100 scale. The assessment is made up of six categories with yes/no,multiple choice, and short answer questions, with each question totaling .25-3 points. A Healthiest Employers Index (HEI) is assigned to each application to help rank among companies of similar sizes.

Q: What are the benefits to this program?
A: The Healthiest Employers program recognizes the best of the best in employee well-being and population health. Being named a finalist in this program solidifies your commitment to your employees and helps attract and maintain top talent.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions while filling out the application?
A: If you ever have any questions about the assessment, please contact info@healthiestemployers.com.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions while filling out the application?
The regional deadlines are contingent upon the region(s) to which you are applying. Please check the "Events" tab to find yours. If you are ONLY applying to the national Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America award, the deadline is July 31.

Lead and learn

Hear from Other Industry Professionals

While Healthiest Employers started as a corporate wellness awards program to highlight innovative companies, it has evolved into a community that emphasizes the role employers play in the health  of their population, by connecting best-in-class  human resource professionals.

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Honoring wellness champions

Wellness Champion Award

We started in 2009 as a way to celebrate companies that put their people first by investing in the health of their employees. Now, we are taking employee health to the next level by honoring those who are genuinely making a difference – the people. If you or someone in your organization is interested in nominating a team member for the Healthiest Employers Wellness Champion Award,Winners will receive an Amazon gift card and wellness prize pack for their contribution to employee health.

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Be a Part of Something Bigger

 Over the years, we’ve conducted hundreds of Healthiest Employer evaluations to recognize the leaders in corporate wellness, including:

US Cities
Million Lives
Health Intelligence

The Future of Wellness

The future of wellness is built on the foundation of proactive, data-driven insights. That’s why Springbuk is the preferred benefit analytics solution for Healthiest Employers®. This partnership brings together clinical expertise, the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning – empowering us to move beyond recognition. With Springbuk, Healthiest Employers can help forward-thinking organizations utilize more intelligent solutions for managing their population’s health and wellbeing.

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