At Healthiest Employers, we take a holistic view of worksite health, understanding what it looks like to have your leadership team completely bought in, to understand the needs of your employee population, and identify how you are proactively supporting wellbeing.

Nomination Period





Eligibility Requirements
  • Be a business or non-profit entity in the region
  • Employ a minimum of two employees, including the owner*
  • Demonstrate evidence of a wellness program or worksite wellness initiatives

* If your organization has multiple offices and you would like to apply in this region, this office must employ a minimum of 50 employees or 10% of your total population.

Event Information


July 19, 2023


Northern Kentucky Convention Center | 1 W Rivercenter Blvd, Covington, KY



Partnership information

Join the National Wellness Institute and Healthiest Employers of Ohio as they each honor their 2023 awards recipients during the 48th Annual National Wellness Conference (NWC). Congratulate the award winners, connect with your peers, and enjoy refreshments! Individuals and organizations who wish to only attend the Awards Reception must reserve tickets by July 12, 2023.

Note: You will be prompted to sign in to LearnWELL to purchase your ticket or register for the conference. If you do not have a current NWI membership or a free Guest account, please create or update your NWI account now.

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2023 Winners

Healthiest Employers of Kentucky

On July 19th, we recognized our Healthiest Employers of Kentucky as part of the National Wellness Institute's 48th Annual Conference.

Healthiest Employers began in 2009 and is now hosted by Springbuk, a health data analytics solution that delivers actionable insights and allows employers and consultants to make smarter healthcare management decisions. For the 2023 event, we decided to partner with the National Wellness Institute, as it became evident that our goals for employers closely align and we both are working together to build a community within Healthiest Employers.

This year, our Kentucky applicants reported:

  • 90.9% provide financial well-being programs
  • 72.7% report leadership holds positions on health councils, boards, or organizations outside of the company
  • 54.5% have had a formal wellness program in place for more than 10 years
  • 27.3% provide an onsite clinic for employees and their families

Congratulations to our 2023 finalists! 

2 to 499 Employees

1st Commonwealth Credit Union – Frankfort – 350 Employees

2nd LINAK U.S. Inc. – Louisville – 313 Employees

3rd Insuramax – Louisville – 40 Employees

4th Strategic Communications – Louisville – 53 Employees

500 to 9,999 Employees

1st Louisville Metro Government – Louisville – 5,102 Employees

2nd Messer Construction Company – Cincinnati, Ohio (Local Office: ) – 275 Employees

3rd St. Elizabeth Healthcare – Edgewood – 7,878 Employees

10,000+ Employees

1st Bon Secours Mercy Health – Cincinnati, Ohio (Local Office: ) – 39,335 Employees

2nd U-Haul International – Phoenix, Arizona (Multiple Local Offices) – 17,170 Employees

3rd Trilogy Health Services – Louisville – 16,667 Employees