Designing A Healthy Work Environment

Designing A Healthy Work Environment

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Chris George, Senior Benefits Analyst at Belkin

Aug. 4, 2023

The process for understanding the utility of our space, workplace strategies, and future needs of Belkin’s Global Headquarters (GHQ) began in 2017. It was critical to focus on our personnel’s well-being, while simultaneously designing a space that would accommodate expansion and growth in critical areas. And, unsurprisingly, COVID-19 posed unique challenges that drove us to evaluate every facet of our physical occupancy and how we intended on interacting within our space for years to come. By adopting a hybrid work environment that focuses on collaboration, specialty design space, technical lab, testing space, and eliminating inefficiencies, we were able to substantially increase our capabilities both in our business, as well as the amenities offered to our personnel.

Workplace Features

Our new GHQ is designed to incorporate one of our values, Be Positive Active, in which we recognize the importance of employee wellness. We take health and wellness passionately at Belkin. Consequently, we constructed a facility specifically to encompass many of our health and wellness initiatives and programs. Our new GHQ features a flowing indoor/outdoor environment with natural design elements and an emphasis on flora, natural light, and an open-air flow. The front-of-house space is inviting and bright, and it offers us the ability to showcase our products as well as host events.

Our custom-designed ergonomically adjustable desks enable our personnel to dial in a precise fit. Complimented by ergonomically adjustable Leap Chairs (by Steelcase), adjustable monitors, docks, and easy access to power, our workstations offer the highest level of comfort available.


Belkin’s steadfast commitment to our personnel’s health and well-being drove us to obtain a Fitwel designation. Fitwel is a people-centric certification that is focused on improving, enhancing, and safeguarding our personnel’s health and well-being within our space. Fitwel rated our space’s performance across 12 categories that actually impact how we work and access our GHQ. Those categories include location, building access, outdoor spaces, entrances, indoor environments, workspaces, shared spaces, water supply, prepared food areas, vending machines, snack programs, and emergency procedures.


Belkin’s sustainability vision is: “On our journey to becoming climate positive, we commit to being carbon neutral by 2030.”

To Belkin’s sustainability vision, it was critical for us to also seek LEED certification for our new GHQ. LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world and looks at all critical elements (environmental impact, energy, health, and water) it took to create our space. LEED certification at our GHQ was obtained through a combination of types of construction materials used, systems implemented, enhancing human health, in addition to extras to help offset our footprint such as our 136.8 kW solar panel array (expected to offset over 20% of our utility consumption on site).  

This achievement recognizes our efforts to reduce our contribution to climate change and moves us further along our journey toward carbon neutrality. For more regarding Belkin’s sustainability efforts:

EV Charging/Parking

Recognizing the importance of electric vehicle charging for our personnel, Belkin installed exclusive EV charging stalls at GHQ. We currently have access to 24 EV stalls on site that are free of charge to our personnel, 10 of which are exclusive to Belkin. In addition to dedicated ADA parking, Belkin also has 4 dedicated stalls located in the front of the building for expectant mothers and veterans.   

Wellness Program

Belkin has access to a state-of-the-art onsite gym that is free to all employees. It consists of free weights, workout machines, Peloton® bikes, cardio equipment, TRX®, and a rock-climbing wall. This space also includes free access to a locker room with day-use lockers, showers (soap, shampoo, and conditioner provided), and towels.  

Belkin has access to a state-of-the-art onsite gym that is free to all employees. It consists of free weights, workout machines, Peloton® bikes, cardio equipment, TRX®, and a rock-climbing wall. This space also includes free access to a locker room with day-use lockers, showers (soap, shampoo, and conditioner provided), and towels.  

We offer free onsite and virtual boot camps and yoga classes with professional instructors. For those feeling competitive, we offer regular fitness competitions focused on developing healthy fitness habits for our personnel.  

Within our space, we have several cold water refilling stations (to reduce the use of single-use plastic containers). To encourage those within biking distance to work, Belkin provides our personnel secure access to closed-door bike storage. We also provide lockers and showers that are dedicated to Belkin (in addition to the gym lockers).

Embracing our Recharge value, our GHQ offers amenities that help people maintain a healthy balance at work. Those amenities include:

  • State-of-the-art massage chairs
  • 2 meditation/non-denominational prayer rooms
  • A Mother’s room for mothers to use privately for lactation (equipped with a refrigerator for secure milk storage)
  • Every month, one of our own in-house psychologists offers a free mindfulness session, which is also virtual


With the intention of developing healthy eating habits, we offer an abundance of free nutritious snacks including nuts, fresh fruit, oatmeal bars, and other healthy that are replenished throughout the day in multiple locations. There are two pantry areas within our GHQ, both of which offer free tea, coffee, fresh water, communal refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves. In addition to traditional vending machines for beverages and snacks, Belkin also offers a fresh food vending option from our food vendor Everytable, stocked regularly with fresh food.

Wellness Events

Every quarter, we partner with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive that is held onsite. We have exceeded our participation goals every year and our proud to continually donate to such a noble cause. Prior to open enrollment every year, we host a Health Fair on site that features approximately 15-20 of our health partners. This event offers our personnel the opportunity to better understand the multitude of health benefits offered to employees in a fun and interactive format. Vendors include United Healthcare, Delta Dental, Aflac, personal trainers, etc.  This event also includes offering flu shots free of charge that are administered by Registered Nurses. We also host onsite biometric screening events annually. Participants are given a $75 award from our health insurance provider (United Healthcare) for participating. We are proud of the healthy amenities at our location which produces a happy, healthy, productive workforce.

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