The Benefits of Change – Changing Benefits in a Post-COVID World

The Benefits of Change – Changing Benefits in a Post-COVID World

The Benefits of Change

Changing Benefits in a Post-COVID World

Rod Reasen

June 24, 2021

Recently, Springbuk’s CEO, Rod Reasen, was featured as a guest author on First Person Advisors’s blog, discussing the benefits of change that have stemmed from the COVID-19 global pandemic. In his post, Reasen expands on his views around working remotely and how this will impact the future of the workplace moving forward. Read the blog post here. 

About Rod Reasen, II: 

Rod Reasen, is the CEO of Springbuk, a health data analytics solution with a vision to prevent disease with data. Beforelaunching Springbuk, Rod founded and scaled a fee-based benefits consulting firm into one of the largest in the Midwest when it was acquired by a publicly traded firm in 2010. In 2009, he launched the nationally recognized Healthiest Employers award program that has recognized over 10,000 employers at the top healthiest workplaces in their region and who represent nearly half of the working population in America. From those learnings, Rod dreamed of a day where employers could make the best unencumbered decisions using data. That passion drove him to co-found Springbuk, which now represents more than 4,000 employers including hundreds of household brands. His energy is contagious and the world is benefiting from his vision to disrupt healthcare.

About Springbuk

Imagine a world where every healthcare and benefits program decision is backed and guided by data. Springbuk is the health data analytics solution that equips you with the insights and expertise you need to sharpen your benefits strategy, advance employee health, and contain costs. Unlike legacy data warehouses, we simplify data-driven decision-making with an intuitive user experience, predictive modeling, and curated action steps. Springbuk — a world of actionable health intelligence insight, at your fingertips.

About First Person Advisors

Now a subsidiary of NFP, First Person Advisors is an Indianapolis-based benefits, compensation, organizational health, retirement, property and casualty advisory firm with decades of experience helping clients navigate the changing workforce. First Person Advisors serves as the official event partner of the Healthiest Employers of Indiana awards program, collaborating with Healthiest Employers, LLC and Springbuk to create a community invested in their populations’ health and well-being.

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