2022 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota

October 18, 2022– In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2022 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota. The Great Resignation has left many companies short-staffed and burnt out, but the policies put in place have helped combat these challenges and earned them a spot on this list. Employers have had to think outside of the box when it comes to workplace wellness, as the past few years have provided many challenges to the modern American office.

2022 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota

2022 Finalists

October 18, 2022

Healthiest Employers, in partnership with Springbuk, is proud to announce the 2022 Honorees for the Healthiest Employers of Minnesota. The employers of this region have taken significant strides in improving employee wellness, which is apparent in the results they have seen. Within this region: 

  • 100% offer work from home Stipends
  • 100% offer flexible work schedules
  • 100% mental health support
  • 91% offer tuition reimbursement
  • 73% offer both paternity and maternity leave

Healthiest Employers congratulates each company for their placement and continued commitment to employee well-being.

2 to 499 Employees

1st Minnesota Air, Inc.- 92 Employees

Minnesota Air is a family-owned business serving the HVAC industry. Minnesota Air was created in 1981 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of that company. In 1999, Minnesota Air spun off and became a separate corporation concentrating solely on the HVAC industry. They are now the longest-tenured full-service HVAC distributorship in Minnesota. 

"Here at Minnesota Air, we believe that our employees are our biggest assets. What better way to support them than to provide exceptional benefits and wellness initiatives? Whether it's the on-demand access to medical care through NICE Health or our participation in our Wellness Committee initiatives throughout the year. The amount of participation we see in our annual weight loss and gallon challenges is so fun. Creating a fun environment around these wellness initiatives shows our employees that we think of them as more than just a number and they're part of our family. And being part of our family means providing our employees with the resources they need to be the best version of themselves." – Amy Try, Director of Finance.

2nd Mate Precision Technologies- 256 Employees
3rd Austin Utilities- 76 Employees
4th IntePros Consulting- 70 Employees

500 to 4999 Employees

1st Syngenta- 4141 Employees

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to use available resources better.

"Syngenta's well-being program has been instrumental in helping me maintain a sustainable work/life balance. The stresses of the pandemic are very real – from figuring out how to work from home, how best to collaborate and interact with others, learning when and how to step away from work, and now adapting to a hybrid work environment. Throughout all of this, Syngenta kept the yoga and circuit training classes going without missing a beat. This has allowed me to stay active while also connecting with several colleagues I don't typically work with on a day-to-day basis. Not only have I improved my flexibility and strength these past couple of years, but I also look forward to the social interactions that come with each class. The fact that Syngenta's well-being program has certainly helped me navigate these past few years and improve my lifestyle." – Martha Dunn, Senior Licensing Manager.

2nd Great River Energy- 551 Employees
3rd JE Dunn Construction- 4197 Employees
4th Prime Therapeutics- 3551 Employees

5000+ Employees

1st U-Haul International – 14021 Employees

U-Haul has been the No. 1 choice of do-it-yourself movers, with a network of more than 23,000 locations across all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Their customers' patronage has enabled the U-Haul fleet to grow to approximately 176,000 trucks, 126,000 trailers, and 46,000 towing devices. U-Haul offers nearly 825,000 rentable storage units and 71.6 million square feet of self-storage space at owned and managed facilities throughout North America. U-Haul has also been recognized as one of the top 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America for the past two years.

One of their most unique benefit offerings, Virta, is a science-backed Type II diabetes reversal program that is offered to anyone on the health plan at no cost. In 2021, U-Haul witnessed $722,730 in prescription savings due to 97% of their population enrolling in the RX Saving Solutions program. Additionally, U-Haul saw 11,000 visits in 2021 for telemedicine, reflecting the growing level of desired access to quality care through telehealth offerings. In 2021, U-Haul opened their onsite fitness center, the Shoen Center, a 54,208-square-foot complex on their headquarters campus in Phoenix. 

"The Shoen Center has improved both my mental and physical health. It brings back a college campus feel for me, and I have really enjoyed using the basketball court and meeting colleagues I don’t typically get to engage with. I personally never had a primary care doctor, so having the Healthier You Clinic onsite is extremely convenient for scheduling purposes. Overall, everything the well-being program has done has helped increased my quality of life." - Anonymous U-Haul Employee

2nd Lockton Companies- 5579 Employees
3rd SpartanNash- 10304 Employees

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