2022 Healthiest Employers of St. Louis

July 8, 2022 – Introducing the 2022 Healthiest Employers of St. Louis! These companies have earned the right to call themselves the very best!

2022 Healthiest Employers of St. Louis

2022 Finalists

July 8, 2022

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2022 Healthiest Employers of Greater St. Louis. 

McCarthy Enterprises and Burns & McDonnell were ranked 65 and 91 respectively in last year’s 2021 Healthiest 100 Workplaces America award. Each year, this list is made up of the highest scoring companies across all regions, sizes, and industries. 

The Great Resignation has left many companies short-staffed and burnt out, but the policies put in place have helped combat these challenges and earn them a spot on this list. Employers have had to think outside of the box when it comes to workplace wellness, as the past few years have provided many challenges to the modern American office. 

Data from our survey this year indicates that St. Louis applicants:

  • 81% offer tuition reimbursement programs
  • 52% offer at least 36 days of paid time off for new mothers
  • 24% offer at least 36 days of paid time off for new fathers
  • 62% of programs have been in place for more than 10 years
  • 95% offer telemedicine and telephonic resources
  • 90% host employee and family appreciation days 

We congratulate each of the following companies for their placement this year and continued commitment to employee well-being!

2 to 99 Employees

1st Spry Digital – St. Louis – 28 Employees

Spry Digital is a digital solutions agency built to enable clients’ full potential by strengthening the connection between their processes and people.Their unique combination of resources works together to strategize, design, and develop web platforms, products, and online revenue channels.

One of their major strengths in their wellness programming is their support of  employees’ families. Both men and women receive paid time off for the birth and adoption of a child. They also offer paid time off for bereavement and caregivers to spend time with their families during times of need or major change. 

Spry Digital also realizes that mental health is an integral part of overall health and wellness. They encourage their team to take care of themselves mentally and physically by encouraging breaks during the day to meditate, taking a moment to unwind, or requesting paid time off to disconnect from work. By sharing targeted resources that support mental well-being, employees are encouraged to find stress management solutions that best fit their lifestyles. Spry believes in celebrating employee individuality, sharing life experiences, and providing options for each person. 

Dawn Hieger, recent Chief Relationship Officer for Spry’s HR Team, shared more on her goals for the upcoming year. “My focus for the next year is to include more guests speakers/visitors who can share knowledge or encourage conversations. Having a new viewpoint can allow us to be more open to connecting in ways we hadn’t previously,” Hieger said. “I'm excited to continue the efforts we have in place and also expand upon them to offer more health-based programs and activities to our entire team.”

2nd McClure Engineering – St. Louis – 99 Employees

Established in 1953, McClure Engineering is a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to unique engineering problems. 

McClure is proud of their employee retention rates, especially during the Great Resignation in the United States. Their employees are invested in helping the organization grow and expand business measures. Leadership is open to hearing feedback and implements several suggestions from employees. 

Since my first day of work, I have believed that the wellness program has made a large contribution to maintaining McClure’s culture,” said Jared Carrier, a current team member at McClure. “The pandemic definitely put our company to the test. Isolation was difficult, but we were provided with all the means to survive the situation as best as possible. Resources and information were provided constantly, wellness activities were organized virtually, and no one was ever more than a video call away for support. It has been a tough two years for the world, but I believe my colleagues and I have handled the challenges well and are looking forward to what the future holds.”

3rd Blackstone Environmental – Overland Park, Kansas (Local Office: St. Louis) – 23 Employees

Blackstone Environmental provides various service lines, including solid waste, environmental assessment and design, energy sector, natural resources planning and permitting, and regulatory compliance. As an employee-owned firm, the organization has built successful, long-term relationships with clients based on outstanding personal connections, strategic thinking, and problem-solving.

Their Health and Safety Program Director takes a personal approach to providing activities, resources, and education for employees. The company is proud that they have had zero injuries or accidents at work in the past year due to appropriate instruction. During the pandemic, management felt the fatigue and stress of the environment and incorporating mental health procedures into their culture was critical for success. 

An anonymous employee stated, “I appreciate the effort that has been putting in to my mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was able to take off from work, no questions asked, when I needed to rest after testing positive. Everyone was happy to see me back in the office when I was better and it made me feel like the company cared about me – and not just the work I was doing for them.”

100 to 499 Employees

1st Greensfelder – St. Louis – 249 Employees

Greensfelder is one of the largest full service law firms in St. Louis, with regional, national, and international clients, representing both public and private businesses of all sizes and industries.

Employees receive several unique benefits when working for Greensfelder. They are provided $200 per calendar year that can be utilized toward weight management or fitness-related products. Participants are also compensated for participation in charity race and Greendsfelder provides live classes for in-person and virtual employees. Virtual and flexible work options continue to be a priority, as their office currently operates on a hybrid work schedule, a benefit that is becoming increasingly popular instead of a full transition back to the office.

We continue our commitment to providing a healthy workplace by incorporating all aspects of wellness,” said Cady O’Grady, Director of Human Resources. “This includes emotional, mental, social, financial, and physical. We will continue to enhance these programs, now more than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic, well-being will continue to be a top priority for our firm to support our people.”

2nd Gershman Mortgage – Chesterfield – 299 Employees

Gershman Mortgage is financial services organization, focusing on home loans, mortgage refinances, and services for multifamily properties in the St. Louis area. 

Virtual work options and telemedicine resources have helped support employees and their families throughout the past couple of years of the pandemic. With the Great Resignation, an obstacle for many organizations, Gershman is proud to say that they have maintained an 85% retention rate over the past year by listening to employees, conducting regular culture surveys, and continuing to win awards such as Healthiest Employers and Best Places to Work.

Adam Mason, the President at Gershman Mortgage, said, “For us, healthcare is about more than your annual check-up, and therefore, we are committed to a proactive, employee-first approach that addresses the needs of our employees. Our company is worthy of recognition as a result of our long-standing commitment to affordable and comprehensible health benefits for our employees.”

3rd Marsh McLennan Agency of St. Louis – Chesterfield – 299 Employees

Marsh McLennan Agency provides business insurance, employee health and benefits, retirement, and private client insurance solutions to organizations. 

One unique part of their program is their “Mental Health First Aid” certification. This certification allows employees to learn the skills neeeded to create a supportive work environment and to date, 25% of employees have achieved certification. 

As an organization, there has been a holistic approach to wellness in the during the pandemic,” said Trent Unterreiner, Vice President of Human Resources. “I have witnessed firsthand the genuine concern and compassion colleagues show one another. The pandemic has increased efforts to stay connected as we have been physically apart. Wellness is not only making healthy choices in eating, but also in staying active, regular checkups, and most importantly, mental well-being. Our wellness program highlights our culture and strengthens who we are, which is a company that genuinely cares for our clients and our colleagues!”

4th Charles L. Crane Agency – St. Louis – 167 Employees

5th Ungerboeck – Dardenne Prairie –  255 Employees

6th City of St. Peters – St. Peters – 420 Employees

500 to 1,499 Employees

1st Busey – Champaign, Illinois (Local Office: St. Louis) – 1,361 Employees

Busey first opened their doors in 1868 as a financial institution with the goal of making customers’ dreams a reality. To this day, their core values, dedicated associates, strong customer partnerships, and thriving communities are still the cornerstones of their business.

97% of employees are actively engaged in the program, which speaks to the culture of wellness that they have created. The wellness program, known internally as B Well, is structured by points, with the highest category receiving HSA contributions, prizes, and cash awards for the completion of activities. To ensure success, time is allowed during the workday to earn points for the B Well program, which accumulate through challenges that encourage associates to adapt and maintain well-balanced habits, resulting in improved overall health outcomes and a strong culture of well-being.

Van Dukeman, Chairman and CEO at Busey, promotes visible leadership involvement in programs to ensure a strong sense of commitment at Busey. “Whether through our 24/7 fitness center, gym reimbursements, online stress management, mental health and financial literacy resources, wellness coaches, or simply encouraging associates to use paid leave, our guidance and support are available for anyone’s individual needs,” Dukeman said. “Supporting our associates through every dimension of wellness  is a key tenet success, both individually and as an organization.”

2nd National Information Solutions Cooperative – Lake St. Louis – 1,298 Employees

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an industry leader providing advanced integrated IT solutions for consumer and subscriber billing, accounting, engineering, operations, and many other leading-edge IT solutions.

All benefit-eligible employees are given a free fitness device on their first day to introduce them to the wellness program and encourage participation from the very beginning of their experience at NISC. Their activity levels are tracked in Vitality to help record point values and daily exercise. 

"At NISC, we believe in doing the right thing always. Unlike organizations that have looked to
wellness programs to help control rising benefits costs, NISC's primary objective in supporting the health and well-being of our employees has been about doing the right thing. Wellness isn't just a piece of our benefit offering, it's part of our culture. Wellness is reflected in our generous paid leave policies and flexible work arrangements. Employee events and activities
incorporate and support healthy behaviors including nutrition, physical activity, and financial
and mental well-being, including volunteering. Most importantly, it's our employees, and not
NISC, that are the true champions of wellness. Our employees demonstrate their own
commitment to wellness and, encourage and support one another in embracing a healthier
lifestyle." - Kari Reichert, Vice President of People Services,

3rd Esse Health – St. Louis – 900 Employees

Combining a team-based approach to care with innovative technologies, Esse Health helps patients maintain healthy lifestyles, manage chronic conditions, and achieve healthcare goals. 

Their wellness program is centered around five pillars of wellness, including physical, mental/emotional, social, financial, and community. Employees have the opportunity to earn points for various physical activities, preventive screenings, donating, and volunteering. Participants even have the ability to earn eight additional hours of PTO and are entered into a grand prize drawing for an extra 40 hours. 

Carla Beckerle, who currently serves as the company’s Vice President of Clinical Programs, stated, “We feel grateful to our office teammates and Esse Health leadership to be part of a creative and dynamic wellness climate each day and are always willing to do our part to keep our patients at the front of the line for wellness and prevention of health complications.”

1,500 to 4,999 Employees

1st Lutheran Senior Services – St. Louis, Missouri – 1,954 Employees

Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) is one of the largest not-for-profit senior living providers, offering home and community-based services and affordable housing. With communities throughout Mid-Missouri and southern Illinois, their mission is to provide seniors with the opportunities to live their fullest lives.

Through the wellness program at Lutheran, employees and their families are improving health through engaging, proactive, and preventive healthcare options. Employees receive $2700 a year in premium discounts for completion of biometric screenings and engaging with their primary care physicians. Additionally, employees appreciate the support of on-site chaplains, who provide immediate counseling services by phone or in-person. This helps employees effectively manage stress, depression, and anxiety while on the job. 

It’s really satisfying to see how our health plan members are now visiting their doctors for preventive care at a greater level than our peers,” said Denis Thien, Director of Benefits and Compensation at LSS. “Nothing excites me more than to know our talented staff are healthier today than they were when they joined the LSS team. Our staff does much to care for our residents, it’s wonderful to see them taking care of themselves as well.”

2nd ChenMed – Miami, Florida (Local Office: St. Louis) – 4,518 Employees

ChenMed is on a mission to become America’s leading primary care provider by transforming the healthcare experience for seniors. Their physician-led care teams provide accountable, compassionate, and high-touch VIP care to seniors in underserved communities across the nation. With the goal to show the same level of attention to team members as their patients, leadership at ChenMed is committed to making it a great place to work as they passionately support a culture of well-being. 

ChenMed believes that one of the reasons for such high employee engagement scores within their organization is due to their consistent recognition around wellness, culture, and diversity within the workplace. Aside from Healthiest Employers, last year, they were honored with the Cigna Wellbeing Award, America’s Most Loved Workplaces, Best Places to Work, and America’s Top Workplaces. ChenMed also works to support working families by offering parental leave for both men and women, survivor benefits to employees’ families in the event of their passing, and EAP opportunities. 

Jessica Chen, Chief Clinical Officer, shared , “As part of our continued focus on employee health and well-being, we are encouraging our team members to incorporate wellness into all areas of their lives by supporting them in being the best they can be personally and professionally. We’re inspiring our employees to achieve better lifestyle habits by taking steps towards better health daily and providing them with the tools, education and space they need to accomplish this.”

3rd Board of Education of St. Louis – St. Louis – 3,200 Employees

The Board of Education of the City of St. Louis (SLPS) covers the St. Louis city region, consisting of 68 participating locations. The dedication and passion of the staff members has pushed SLPS to become a tight-knit community focused on the well-being of all employees. 

Their wellness program is proud of their unique offerings for physical fitness including discounted yoga classes through a local studio and free Peloton subscriptions. On top of that, they are continuing to encourage their virtual care options so that employees can receive care without any major roadblocks. 

I was introduced to the program in 2018 and immediately gravitated to the employee-driven approach that they took. I also was impressed with the many rewards and incentives that encouraged members along whatever journey they were on -,” shared DeAndre Davis, Director of Safety and Security for SLPS. Last year, Davis set out to drop 20 pounds, increase stamina, lower cholesterol, and maintain a healthy blood pressure. “I am proud to say that I weigh 225 pounds, I've ran a 5k, my blood pressure is the best it's ever been, and I have lowered my overall cholesterol. All of this was jump-started with my participation in SLPS Wellness Program!

4th Daugherty Business Solutions – St. Louis – 1,703 Employees

5th MTM, Inc. – Lake St. Louis – 2,184 Employees

6th Polsinelli – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: St. Louis) – 1,655 Employees

5,000+ Employees

1st McCarthy Building Companies – St. Louis – 6,047 Employees

For more than 150 years, McCarthy has been a leader in the construction industry, with projects in nearly every state, with various markets, including healthcare, universities, educational facilities, government entities, and much more. Even with several offices throughout the country, McCarthy Enterprises is proud to call St. Louis their main headquarters.

As a repeat applicant, McCarthy is continuously innovating on their employee health benefits plans  and resources. The personalization available through their approach speaks highly to the value that McCarthy places in employee-owners andfamilies.. Even before the pandemic, the construction industry ranked as one of the top industries for suicide due to the rigorous job requirements and stress. In early 2021, McCarthy expanded offerings surrounding mental health awareness through the launch of the McCarthy "Genuine Care" Mental Health program, designed to break the stigma surrounding mental health through increased conversations. Additional resources were created to promote conversation during daily toolbox talks, safety moments, and national meetings. They have also communicated the free resources available through their EAP, highlighting that the program does not limit the number of covered therapists visits and limiting the barriers to appropriate care.

“We have had a robust wellness program for a quite a few years now, but I am exceptionally proud of the enhancements we’ve implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in the area of mental health,” Lisa Sanders, Vice President of Human Resources Operations shared. “We developed new and updated materials, resources, and tools to emphasize and support mental health awareness on jobsites and in offices. As part of our efforts, we also offered to help other companies who might have questions about our program or would like to use any of our materials! To me this is what wellness is all about. When we can work together it benefits us all.”

2nd Burns & McDonnell – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: St. Louis) – 7,189 Emp