2022 Healthiest Employers of the Capital District

June 10, 2022 – Introducing the 2022 Healthiest Employers of the Capital District! These companies have earned the right to call themselves the very best!

2022 Healthiest Employers of the Capital District

2022 Finalists

June 10, 2022

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2022 Healthiest Employers of the Capital District (Albany, NY). This year, we are recognizing 17 innovative organizations focused on creating a culture of employee health and wellness. 

One of these organizations, AAA Northeast, was named to the 2021 Healthiest 100 Workplaces America award, ranking 74 among all applicants in the country. We will announce the 2022 award winners  in October of this year. 

29% of Capital District applicants are completely in office, 59% are hybrid, and 12% have an office space optional for employees to come to. No matter the working conditions, the past two years have been difficult for employers as they work to navigate the new norms in regards to working environment. 

The Great Resignation has left many companies short staffed and burnout, but the policies put in place have helped combat these challenges and earn them a spot on this list. 100% of these organizations are offering telemedicine opportunities and mental health support resources, a vital component of wellness programs in today’s society. 

We want to congratulate each one of the following companies for their placement this year and continued commitment to employee well-being!

2 to 99 Employees

1st Sano-Rubin Construction Services, LLC – Albany – 36 Employees

Sano-Rubin Construction Services is a construction management company with a range of services including consulting, development, and architectural design. As a family-owned company, Sano-Rubin strives to treat employees the same way. Working parents are encouraged to take time off to spend time with their families or care for their children while sick.

On Fridays, they host “Happy Hours” for employees to get together and stay in touch without discussing business. It has proven to be an effective way to connect with other employees while many are working from home. 

Sano-Rubin has gone above and beyond as I have worked through my mental health issues in recent years,” an anonymous employee stated. “They supported me and my family and gave me the time I needed in order to return to the workforce. I was never pressured or made to feel that I was no longer a valued member of the team. In fact, it was quite the opposite, as they made me see that I was still an important member of the team. Now I am back to work and thriving.”

2nd Repeat Business Systems, Inc. – Albany  – 93 Employees

Repeat Business Systems, Inc. provides quality sales, leasing, services, and supplies for Ricoh brand copiers, printers, and scanners. They also provide managed print services, office automation software, mailing equipment, and IT services. Repeat Buisness Systems uses a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness, including areas of financial health, social and emotional health, professional mentoring, physical health, and fun. 

They believe that close teams create a sense of community, which reduces stress, and increases career productivity and life satisfaction among employees. The physical office offers ergonomic chairs, standing desks, sun lamps, and VR equipment for relaxation breaks. Repeat Business Systems, Inc. also provides paid time off for fundraising events and volunteer opportunities to give back to their community. They feel the statistic that best captures their culture is knowing that in the last full year, not one employee has resigned, a huge accomplishment in today’s working landscape. 

Jonathan Schwalb, Repeat Business Systems, Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer, shared with us a story about his experience with their wellness program. “I’ve been with Repeat for 13 years and this year, I was diagnosed with an intestinal stricture, where the only course of treatment was surgical resection,” Schwalb said. “This was a big surgery and the support I received from everyone was overwhelming. The one thing that really stood out was that on the day I got home from the hospital, there was a food delivery to my home from Repeat. They provided my family with dinner for a week, which was a huge help to my wife and our kids during this time. Repeat Business Systems looked out for me beyond what I expected in this time of need. The focus was always on what was going to help keep me healthy!”

3rd Envision Architects DPC – Albany – 22 Employees

Envision Architects is a New York State Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) led by Daria Mallin, Jennifer Robillard, and Kelly Klopfer. They provide architecture, interior design, and master planning services, with a core focus on  clients in education, healthcare, technology, community, and cultural institutions.

They highlight their unique employee benefits throughout the employee recruitment process such as on-call coaching for career development, mindfulness and resiliency, and stress and anxiety resources. Many employees reported that the in-depth aspects of this coaching program are one of the main reasons for choosing to work at Envision Architects. 

When asked why she is proud of the organization’s programs, Jennifer Robillard stated, “We are most proud of our firm’s culture to support the mental and emotional well-being of our team. With enthusiastic champions, integrating health and wellness strategies becomes a priority and it becomes infectious!”

4th GTM Payroll Services Inc. Clifton Park – 86 Employees

GTM Payroll Services specializes in easy-to-use payroll and human capital management (HCM) solutions, along with human resources (HR) consulting. 

A major way that they are supporting their employees is by providing backup childcare opportunities in the event of illness or closed schools and daycares. Not having childcare was previously reported as being a major area of concern, as associates struggled to find ways to attend work while ensuring their children were cared for. Caring for family members is just as important as caring for the employee

As a company, our team’s personal safety and well-being are always first and foremost. This pandemic has put a lot of stress on our employees and their families,” Guy Maddalone, CEO at GTM said. “With that in mind, we focused on three main benefits. First, workers and their families could use our EAP benefit for mental health counseling. Second, employees can work remotely and have some flexibility on work hours. Third, we invested in building safety and PPE as part of our return-to-work plan.”

100 to 299 Employees

1st Highmark Blue Shield of Northeastern New York – Latham – 189 Employees

Highmark offers a range of health insurance and other products designed to provide the coverage members want while maximizing their health care investment. Products include a full range of insured, self-insured, and government programs covering businesses, families, and individuals.

Due to the pandemic, Highmark made the decision to switch to a remote workforce and plans to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Because of this, they have found it important to incorporate virtual wellness options into their programming. Employee can access digital care andspeak directly to a nurse via chat or schedule telemedicine visits to address health concerns. Participation in the program results in employees receiving a higher level of health benefits and an increased contribution to their HSA. Another integral piece of our plan is a series of annual, effective, and engaging worksite wellness campaigns highlighting the importance of health and wellness. 

The Highmark Employee Wellness Programs have helped us achieve greater employee engagement,” said Matt Zerr, who currently serves as the Director of Population Health. “Our employees perform critical work for our members each day so creating a happy and healthy work environment for them is critical to our success and the support that we bring to our members.”

2nd Precision Valve & Automation, Inc. – Halfmoon – 192 Employees

Since 1992, Precision Valve & Automation, Inc. (PVA) has supplied the world with innovative fluid dispensing solutions that remain at the forefront of motion and application technology. 

Their onsite clinic provides employees with opportunities to schedule appointments with a nurse practitioner, physical therapist, or massage therapist. The health center in-person visits increased from 2020 to 2021 by 66.05%. The clinic provides unparalleled access and removes barriers to healthcare that employees may otherwise have faced

Wellness is not just buzzword here at PVA. Every business decision we make starts with considering how it will add to the health of our employees and their families. My greatest achievement in business has been knowing that my employees and their families have the services they need to live healthy and happy lives,” said Tony Hynes, Founder and CEO of PVA.

3rd Pioneer – Albany – 258 Employees

Pioneer is a full-service financial institution that inspires progress by offering new products and services one individual, one family, one business and one community at a time. 

With twenty-two locations throughout the Capital Region, Pioneer delivers a world-class working environment for its employees and has been recognized as a “Best Places to Work” by the Albany Business Review nine years running.

Incorporating employee feedback assures the programs we offer continue to be a collaborative effort, which defines our culture,” said Thomas Arnell, CEO and President. 

Employees are encouraged to work with their managers to adjust their schedules based on their health, wellness, or family needs. They continue to operate on a hybrid schedule based on the feedback from our employees, as many reported a better sense of work-life balance.

4th Hill & Markes – Amsterdam – 189 Employees

Hill & Markes is a family-owned and operated wholesale distributor located in Upstate New York. Recently, they have worked to revise their wellness progratoto improve employee engagement and participation. Through incentives and appropriate communication methods, Hill & Markes is excited about the increased interest in the wellness program and is continuously working to develop.

"I am most excited about the revisions we have made for the next plan year! We are giving employees more exciting options to participate in and rewarding them differently. I believe that it will have a much bigger impact on the employees health and wellness going forward,” said Jillian DeGiulio, Human Resources Manager.

300 to 1,499

1st Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth – Canaan – 543 Employees

Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth’s mission is to strengthen children and families across New York State so they can live safely, independently, and productively within their communities.

Berkshire believes that one of their most unique benefits is their cash incentive for participation in wellness programs. Both employees and their covered spouse or domestic partner have the ability to earn up to $1100 each for completing wellness activities such as flu shots or annual physicals

Berkshire took on many strategically planned changes, as well as the arrival of a global pandemic that continues to challenge our business, our staff and the children and families we serve,” said Nikki McArthur, Chief Financial Officer. “We worked through the discontinuation of our founding program and embarked on two, new federally funded programs. Through the pandemic we have continued to contract with 54 counties and serve over 2,000 children and families everyday across New York State in an unprecedented and everchanging environment. The dedication and selflessness of our staff this last year is unlike anything I have experienced and I am in awe of the determination and strength we have seen from our youth and families.”

2nd Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc. – Albany – 1,297 Employees

Established in 1984, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP) is a physician-founded, member-focused, and community-based not-for-profit health plan that offers high-quality affordable insurance plans to members in 29 counties throughout the state of New York.

Employees who participate in wellness programs have the ability to earn additional PTO hours for participation in activities. CDPHP provides all employees with a free membership to Whil, one of the leading mindfulness and resiliency training tools. Last year, approximately 40% of employees reached the highest level of incentives through the program

The employee wellness program achieved the highest employee engagement percentages in the last 12 months than we had ever seen before. With our employees engaged, we are excited to continue to bring them the programs they want and feel empowered to participate in. I am so proud that the shift to remote work has strengthened our programs beyond what I could have imagined. Employees look forward to new and exciting offerings to participate in to combat stress, learn nutrition tips, watch fitness videos, and generally connect the workforce and culture that we were used to in-person,” said Lori Cammett, Vice President of Total Rewards for CDPHP.

3rd CAP COM FCU – Albany – 446 Employees

CAP COM is a member-owned financial institution based in New York’s Capital Region with $2.5 billion in assets and 11 branch locations that work to provide competitive rates and help members save money.

This past year, CAP COM began working with a new, more robust EAP provider that offers teletherapy support options through an easily accessible application for staff. In addition, they continue to provide resources for staff that address stress, burnout, and ways to mitigate and manage these issues.

Our employees are our biggest asset, which is why we developed a program built just for them,” said Chris McKenna, President and CEO of CAP COM. “Our employees have access to tools and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. We are proud of the wellness program we’ve built and are continually making enhancements to it.”

4th DeCrescente Distributing Company – Mechanicville – 395 Employees

DeCrescente Distributing Company is family-owned beverage distributorship, delivering to 11 counties in the state of New York. 

Their wellness center provides medical care and physical therapy to employees, their spouses, and dependents at no cost, proving to be one of their most popular benefits. To provide a social atmosphere as the pandemic began to ease, they offered employee/family socials and rented out amusement parks for these events. In 2021, DeCresente’s medical costs per month are approximately 30% lower than their carrier’s total book of business

Our facilities have been in place for over a decade and the fact that we have these benefits available has long been a favorite of our employees. It's a great way for us to build a relationship with an employee and their whole family, and for them to stay healthy together,” said C.J. DeCrescente, who currently serves as President.

1,500+ Employees

1st AAA Northeast – Providence Rhode Island (Local Office: Albany) – 2,909 Employees

AAA Northeast is one of the most innovative membership organizations, serving as an auto club with locations spanning six states. 

With many locations, AAA Northeast hosted a virtual health fair last year that boasted an impressive attendence, with over 2,000 of their employees participating. The fair featured their CEO, John Galvin, who highlighted their benefits offerings and additional ways to stay healthy. Their program even offers rebates for tobacco cessation, mental health counseling, fitness participation, and even car seats for new parents!

Kevin Fish, an Organizational Trainer at AAA Northeast credits the program to his weight loss and health journey. “The rebates and wellness portal were my key to my weight loss success. The resources available at AAA are simply AMAZING and they were NO cost to me,” Fish said. “I received rebates each year for my weight loss and I simply logged into the portal every day for access to free health coaching, menu and calorie information, and so much more. Today I have lost over 50 pounds and I am healthier and stronger in mind, body and spirit because of AAA!”

2nd GlobalFoundries – Malta – 6,200 Employees

GlobalFoundries provides a broad range of platforms and features with a unique mix of design, development, and fabrication services.

To compliment social and community wellbeing, GlobalFoundries has diverse Employee Resource Groups that are voluntary and employee-led and foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with GF's organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. An important component of our comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion strategy, ERGs encourage employees to be themselves and to contribute their perspectives, share experiences, and provide a safe space to network and be heard.

Jim Mulligan, the company’s Senior Director of EHS&S shared, “Our work/life balance flexibility allows this company to keep our operations going by providing flexibility to employees who are experiencing work/life balance challenges. We continue to be resilient in the face of multiple challenges and our team continues to deliver positive results.”

3rd MVP Health Care – Schenectady – 1,587 Employees

MVP Health Care is a nationally-recognized, regional not-for-profit health plan committed to positively impacting the health and wellness of everyone they serve.

New this year, MVP also installed on-site relaxation/meditation rooms. These newly created spaces are equipped with massage chairs, meditation books, meditation pads, noise-canceling headphones, an ergonomic reading chair, and wall wraps (themed forest and lighthouse) that can make anyone forget they are in a corporate office. These rooms offer a getaway for employees to recharge throughout the workday. MVP leadership is extremely supportive of these spaces, further solidifying their support of wellness programming and a healthy culture. 94% of employees who completed their annual survey agreed that MVP Health Care is committed to the health and wellness of its employees.

MVP believes it is our responsibility to empower people to take an active role in their health and well-being, and that extends to our employees. As an organization, we continue to invest in innovative programming, incentives, and tools that create