2022 Healthiest Employers of Virginia

October 18, 2022. Healthiest Employers of Virginia

2022 Healthiest Employers of Virginia

2022 Finalists

October 18, 2022

Healthiest Employers, in partnership with Springbuk, is proud to announce the 2022 Honorees for the Healthiest Employers Virginia. The employers of this region have been hard at work to curate the intuitive and impactful employee wellness programs they offer. In the Virginia region: 

  • 95% provide mental health support
  • 95% offer lifestyle programs or coaching
  • 84% offer champion networks
  • 75% offer formal mentoring programs
  • 74% offer 24/7 hotline services

Healthiest Employers congratulates each company for their placement and continued commitment to employee well-being.

100 to 1499 Employees

1st: Sikich LLP- 1442 Employees

Sikich LLP is a global company specializing in technology-enabled professional services. With more than 1400 employees, Sikich draws on a diverse portfolio of technology solutions to deliver transformative digital strategies and ranks as one of the largest CPA firms in the United States. 

From corporations and not-for-profits to state and local governments and federal agencies, Sikich clients utilize a broad spectrum of services and products to help them improve performance and achieve long-term, strategic goals.

"I utilized the wellness program features to complete a health assessment, talk with a health coach, complete personal wellness challenges, and focus on my mental health. All of these items resulted in a 100 lb weight loss, increased engagement at work and with my family, and improved mental state. I am so thankful for all the programs Sikich offers our families and us. Truly don't know where I'd be without them." – Anonymous. 

2nd: Consumer Technology Association- 141 Employees

As North America's largest technology trade association, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® is in the tech sector. Our members are the world's leading innovators – from startups to global brands – helping support more than 18 million American jobs. CTA owns and produces CES® – the most influential tech event in the world.

"For myself to care about my well-being, CTA needed to take the initiative to embed that in our culture, and they did. Coming into CTA from another company, I am beyond shocked at how much CTA truly cares about their employees' well-being. I have never been with a company that puts in the effort to ensure their well-being program covers mental, physical, and financial health inside and outside the office. They always encourage healthy options, and I now make that decision subconsciously. CTA makes made me realize that your well-being should come first and that everyone's journey is different." – Kayla Belovich, Specialist, Finance and Business Administration

3rd: Collaborative Solutions, LLC- 936 Employees

Collaborative Solutions, a Cognizant Company, is a leading global finance and HR transformation consultancy that leverages world-class cloud solutions to help deliver successful client outcomes for Fortune Global 500 companies and large and medium-sized organizations across industries. As the longest-tenured Workday Services Partner and client, its full lifecycle services—complete with an in-house Advisory Services practice and proven proprietary tools—have helped more than 1000 clients transform their businesses. 

"During the pandemic, life has hit in many different ways. I've had the opportunity to take off when needed. I've been an active mother, wife, and daughter with the help of the unlimited PTO days. I also want to highlight the collaboration and flexibility of my team. As I stated, with the pandemic, life has moved more in the unknown than known for many of us. My team has leaned in and assisted me every step of the way. They have encouraged mental breaks, lending a hand, and being supportive. This, above all, has been not just needed but pleasantly welcomed." – Jasmine Stokes, Corporate Trainer.

4th: Altamira Technologies Corporation- 433 Employees
5th: Toray Plastics (America), Inc.- 693 Employees

1500 to 4999 Employees

1st: Gilbane Building Company- 3355 Employees

Gilbane Building Company is one of the largest privately held, family-owned construction, real estate, and facility management services companies, celebrating 150 years of business in 2020.

As a construction organization, safety is always top of mind at Gilbane. Beyond physical safety in the workplace, they are committed to providing a holistic wellness approach to encompass  all facets of well-being. Last year, 67% of employees enrolled in the medical program and completed the requirements to earn a discount on their medical premiums. Employees received an additional incentive for having their spouses  complete preventive care and establish relationships with a primary care physician. 

"We embed well-being into our culture at Gilbane  through our core value of Caring and our Gilbane Cares safety philosophy. We have been fortunate to have a high participation rate among our employees and a strong executive role modeling of healthy behaviors. 

Through changes like our move to Staywell/WebMD, we have worked to make it easy for our employees and their family members to get healthy." – Courtney Cannata, Senior Human Resources Director

2nd: City of Alexandria- 2500 Employees

The City of Alexandria is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia located on the Potomac River within the eyesight of Washington, D.C. It is nationally recognized for its rich history and beautifully preserved 18th- and 19th-century architecture. With more than 2500 employees working for the City of Alexandria, it is a city primarily populated by professionals working in civil service.

"The City of Alexandria Work'n Well program offers a truly unique mix of services and opportunities for all our 2600 employees who come from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of needs and interests. Alexandria's program is among the most successful I have been associated with in my 34 years of public service because it considers wellness from a holistic perspective and is constantly evolving to work for our employees.

A perfect example is the quick deployment of mental health services during some recent trauma experiences for our employees. Another unique aspect of the program is that it is embedded in the organization's culture through the significant efforts of our Human Resources team, resulting in a very high percentage of active, meaningful participation from our staff. I am honored to recommend our organization for recognition as a model of creating and implementing a dynamic and effective wellness program that treats the employee at the forefront of our efforts and one that other public service organizations can emulate." – James Patajon, City Manager.

3rd: ChenMed- 4518 Employees

ChenMed is on a mission to become America's leading primary care provider by transforming the healthcare experience for seniors. Their physician-led care teams provide accountable, compassionate, and high-touch VIP care to seniors in underserved communities across the nation. The leadership at ChenMed is committed to making it a great place to work as they passionately support a culture of well-being. 

ChenMed believes that one of the reasons for such high employee engagement scores within their organization is their consistent recognition of wellness, culture, and diversity within the workplace. Aside from Healthiest Employers, last year, they were honored with the Cigna Wellbeing Award, America's Most Loved Workplaces, Best Places to Work, and America's Top Workplaces. ChenMed also supports working families by offering parental leave for both men and women, survivor benefits to employees' families in the event of their passing, and EAP opportunities. 

Jessica Chen, Chief Clinical Officer, shared, "As part of our continued focus on employee health and well-being, we are encouraging our team members to incorporate wellness into all areas of their lives by supporting them in being the best they can be personally and professionally. We're inspiring our employees to achieve better lifestyle habits by taking steps towards better health daily and providing them with the tools, education, and space they need to accomplish this.

4th: Brightview Senior Living- 2737 Employees
5th: Deltek- 2050 Employees
6th: Old Dominion University- 2420 Employees

5000+ Employees

1st: U-Haul International– 14021 Employees

U-Haul has been the No. 1 choice of do-it-yourself movers, with a network of more than 23,000 locations across all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Their customers' patronage has enabled the U-Haul fleet to grow to approximately 176,000 trucks, 126,000 trailers, and 46,000 towing devices. U-Haul offers nearly 825,000 rentable storage units and 71.6 million square feet of self-storage space at owned and managed facilities throughout North America. U-Haul has also been recognized as one of the top 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America for the past two years.

One of their most unique benefit offerings, Virta, is a science-backed Type II diabetes reversal program that is offered to anyone on the health plan at no cost. In 2021, U-Haul witnessed $722,730 in prescription savings due to 97% of their population enrolling in the RX Saving Solutions program. Additionally, U-Haul saw 11,000 visits in 2021 for telemedicine, reflecting the growing level of desired access to quality care through telehealth offerings. In 2021, U-Haul opened their onsite fitness center, the Shoen Center, a 54,208-square-foot complex on their headquarters campus in Phoenix. 

"The Shoen Center has improved both my mental and physical health. It brings back a college campus feel for me, and I have really enjoyed using the basketball court and meeting colleagues I don’t typically get to engage with. I personally never had a primary care doctor, so having the Healthier You Clinic onsite is extremely convenient for scheduling purposes. Overall, everything the well-being program has done has helped increased my quality of life." - Anonymous U-Haul Employee

2nd: Bon Secours Mercy Health (38075 Employees)

Bon Secours Mercy Health is leading the way in strategically and nimbly transforming healthcare delivery and services. Long renowned for providing compassionate, high-value healthcare in the U.S. and Ireland, the ministry is actively extending healthcare access, enhancing outcomes, and driving value through emerging technologies, investments, and partnerships across four focus areas.

‍"As a Bon Secours Mercy Health associate, I can't say enough good things about ‘Be Well' program. It has allowed me to become more educated regarding my health. 'Be Well' has become my go-to resource because of the support and information they have provided me. The 'Be Well' program emphasizes health and makes me a priority. Because of the 'Be Well' program, my cholesterol is way down, and my blood pressure is not high. These results have turned me into a 'Be Well' believer. I would tell anyone to participate in 'Be Well.' You would be so happy with the results." -Anonymous

3rd: CGI Technologies & Solutions, Inc. (13426 Employees)

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the world's largest IT and business consulting services firms. GCI is insights-driven and outcomes-based to help accelerate returns on your investments. Across 21 industry sectors in 400 locations worldwide, our 84,000 professionals provide comprehensive, scalable, and sustainable IT and business consulting services that are informed globally and delivered locally.

Marcie Kroeker is part of the U.S. CSG Marketing Communications Strategic Offerings team. . Early in her career, she went through a stressful period in her life and found herself crying a lot and experiencing intense back pain. She started going to therapy for the first time and learned strategies for reducing stress and making work less integral to her identity. She also learned she was suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. Three years later, she is still going to therapy regularly and working on prioritizing self-care, which she claims has saved her life.

For Marcie, self-care is about not pushing herself beyond her limits. She describes herself as "insanely ambitious," which she says is excellent for career growth but detrimental to her physical and mental health. She's learned to set personal and professional boundaries, saying "no" when she can't take on anymore. When feeling sad or depressed, she finds it helpful to spend time with family members or hike with her dog, soaking up the quiet in nature. She also realizes it's okay not to be happy always.

4th: Westgate Resorts (6100 Employees) 
5th: ACCENTURE (674000 Employees) 
6th SprtanNash (10304 Employees) 
7th: University of Virginia, Hoos Well, Human Resources (28000 Employees) 
8th: Terracon Consultants, Inc (5424 Employees) 
9th: Newport News Shipbuilding (39739 Employees) 

The Healthiest Employers® survey is scored and powered by Springbuk, a health intelligence platform that simplifies data-driven decision-making with an intuitive user experience, predictive modeling, and curated action steps. The assessment is scored rubric style on a 1-100 scale. Since 2009, Healthiest Employers has been the leading recognition program for employee wellness. Today, we currently host award ceremonies in over 45 regions across the country and applicants are not only eligible for local recognition, but also have the chance to earn a spot on the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America. This national award takes the highest scoring applicants from all locations, company sizes, and industries. To sign up for the Healthiest Employers newsletter and get more information on our events, join our mailing list today