2022 Healthiest Employers of Washington State

August 23, 2022 – In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2022 Healthiest Employers of Washington State. This year, WalletHub named Seattle, the capital of Washington, the second healthiest place to live in the United States. With an accomplishment such as this, it is no surprise that there are several employers in this area working to make this a reality.

2022 Healthiest Employers of Washington State

2022 Finalists

August 23, 2022

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2022 Healthiest Employers of Washington State

This year, WalletHub named Seattle, the capital of Washington, the second healthiest place to live in the United States. With an accomplishment such as this, it is no surprise that there are several employers in this area working to make this a reality.

Some interesting trends among our Washington applicants include: 

  • 84% operate on a hybrid schedule
  • 79% have a formal mentoring program
  • 74% provide tuition reimbursement opportunities
  • 32% of wellness programs have been in place more than 15 years
  • 26% offer more than 71 days of paid maternity leave; 16% offer more than 71 days of paid paternity leave

Each of these applicants took place in our corporate assessment, which is scored Rubric style on a 1-100 scale. The assessment is made up of six categories with yes/no, multiple choice, and short answer questions, with each question totaling .25-3 points. A Healthiest Employers Index (HEI) is assigned to each applicant to help rank among companies of similar size. All applicants are automatically entered into the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America award. The 2022 winners will be announced October 5! Remember to like us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on all things Healthiest Employers!

2 to 499 Employees

1st Permanente Dental Associates – Portland, Oregon (Multiple Local Offices) – 138 Employees

Permanente Dental Associates (PDA) is a Northwest-based, dentist-owned multidisciplinary group practice that contracts with Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of the Northwest to provide integrated oral health care for more than 290,000 Kaiser Permanente Dental members. 

From its inception, PDA’s Wellness Program has been driven by a Wellness Committee comprised of dentists who are deeply engaged in their workforces’ well-being. Their population demonstrated higher flu immunizations, cervical cancer screenings, and colorectal screening rates than other companies in their region. 

“As an HR professional, there is nothing more profound than seeing positive metrics directly related to initiatives you have managed or had a hand in. I am constantly reminded and astounded by the resiliency of our workforce, particularly during the unrelenting pressures of the pandemic.” – Rhonda Hines, Vice President of Human Resources

2nd The Partners Group – Portland, Oregon (Local Office: Bellevue) – 192 Employees

Through consulting, insurance, and financial services, The Partners Group (TPG) has been making a difference in the communities they serve since 1981. They partner with their clients to help individuals and businesses across the nation solve problems and grow by building custom strategies that discover, protect, and enhance the future.

TPG has maintained over 90% participation in their FRESH Wellness Program and Engaged! Health Plan program, which requires employees to complete a health risk assessment, preventive medical exam, and dental exam. They regularly review HRA aggregate data to identify trends in health and lifestyle improvements, while helping employees reach their full potential.

We learned long ago that healthy and happy coworkers are the key to building a enduring brand while attracting great customers. But it’s even more than that, TPG is actually in the business of consulting employers on how to build cultures of health and positive engagement with their workforce.” – Reed Cruickshank, Chief Executive Officer

3rd PAE – Portland, Oregon (Local Office: Seattle) – 334 Employees

PAE is an engineering firm that designs high-performing buildings to keep people comfortable, healthy, and productive while restoring the natural work outside. Health, wellness, and workplace happiness are an important part of the culture at PAE. Sustainability is considered one of their main commitments as an organization, and employees receive fully paid commuter benefits by expensing their transportation methods to and from work. Their medical plans incorporate Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) offerings, including, acupunture, massages, and chiropractic care to provide an holistic approach to wellness. 

They also understand how important family and work-life balance are to employees, and provide their employees with more than three months of paid maternity leave and more than six weeks paid paternity leave. Additionally, they allow flexible scheduling options, offer employees a hybrid schedule, and also allow over a month of paid time off.

One of the things that makes PAE special is our triple bottom line commitment – people, planet, and profit. Being a human resources professional, I particularly value our commitment to our people. It is exciting to see how we are continuing to support this commitment through our internal communities including Wellness, JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), Women in Leadership, and Community Service. We strive to continue to be thought leaders in our industry and lead with ideas that are healthy, innovative, and sustainable. I’m proud to be part of a company that is committed to the wellness of both its employees and our planet as a whole.” – Jessica Martos, PAE Human Resources Manager

4th McKean Smith – Portland, Oregon (Local Office: Vancouver) – 31 Employees

500 to 4999 Employees

1st Northwest Permanente PC – Portland, Oregon (Local Office: Vancouver) – 1850 Employees

The Northwest Permanente Medical Group has been providing high quality, affordable healthcare, serving as the largest self-governed, independent, multispecialty medical group practicing in Oregon and Washington.

They created departmental mental health debrief sessions to give employees a chance to pause and reflect on the rapid changes that have taken place, to acknowledge losses, and to celebrate the work that has been done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, bi-weekly workshops led by mental health professionals were added to allow a space for participants to emotionally process the constant of change and to help manage stress. 98% of participants responded favorably to these sessions and found them useful in their daily lives. 

“I’m so proud that our wellness program not only focuses on physical health but also includes social, spiritual, and emotional wellness to address whole-person centeredness. I’m also proud of how our wellness program invites community building within Northwest Permanente while at the same time encouraging us to build relationships within our communities and grow our appreciation for our surrounding natural beauty. We are worthy of this recognition because we strive to be a model of total health and to continue to learn and grow from our wellness program.” – Leong Koh, MD, President and CEO

2nd Cambia Health Solutions – Portland, Oregon (Local Office: Seattle) – 4,351 Employees

Cambia is deeply rooted in meeting the needs of today’s health care consumers. Their six regional health plans, Echo Health Ventures investment portfolio, and strategic philanthropy with the Cambia Health Foundation are all united by their Cause—to serve as a catalyst to transform healthcare, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable healthcare system. 

Part of what makes Cambia’s wellness program so successful is their ability to care for their people throughout every stage of life. Because of their dedicated well-being consultants and analyzing their data, they are able to provide programs that improve mental, financial, and physical health. Like several people throughout the pandemic, employees felt stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Cambia responded with additional mental health resources, and 96% of employees responded that they felt prepared to take care of their mental health by utilizing these tools.

I've never worked for a company so invested in my mental and physical health. The WellPower programs and wellness team have really helped me not feel alone through this time. I have learned many valuable skills, and they have changed my life, even beyond COVID-19. I enjoy the different tips on how to handle stress. I recently got divorced this year, and between work life and personal life, I felt like I couldnt swim above water anymore. The resources available to me as an employee really helped. I love all the things Cambia does to help us stay healthy; it makes me feel very cared about. This is the most options that I've seen available at a company. I truly love this program!” – Anonymous Cambia Employee 

3rd Syngenta – Greensboro, North Carolina (Local Office: Pasco) – 4141 Employees

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources.

Syngenta is most proud of their Reaping Rewards program, through which employees earn points for a healthy lifestyle. The program focuses on the entire person—mind, body, and spirit—to ensure all aspects of well-being are covered. The overall diversity of the program is intended to engage their employees wherever they may be in their health and fitness journey. There is truly something to be gained by everyone. Syngenta encourages self-care and makes it easy for employees by providing exercise classes, access to a fitness center, nurses, a doctor, and a counselor all on-site, while also having the opportunity to earn up to $250 a year for participating. 

At Syngenta, keeping our employees healthy is closest to our hearts. While we provide great benefits and healthcare we don’t stop there. At RTP we are piloting a Mental Health consultant at no cost to help not only with physical but also with mental challenges. Also, providing for up to 30 days of paid vacation to unwind and relax has been implemented to acknowledge the need for time to take care of yourself. I am excited to work at a place where wellbeing truly matters.” – Anke Kokrhoun, Human Resources Business Partner

4th Confluence Health – Wenatchee – 4239 Employees
5th PacificSource – Springfield, Oregon (Local Office: Spokane) – 1705 Employees
6th Essex Property Trust – San Mateo, California (Local Office: Bellevue) – 1773 Employees
7th David Evans Associates – Portland, Oregon (Local Office: Bellevue) – 808 Employees
8th Newfront – San Francisco, California (Local Office: Seattle) – 785 Employees

5,000+ Employees

1st PeaceHealth – Vancouver – 13,393 Employees

PeaceHealth is a 130-year-old Catholic healthcare ministry with more than 16,000 employees (referred to as caregivers), a multi-specialty medical group practice with over 1200 clinicians, and 10 medical centers throughout Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. 

PeaceHealth immediately saw the pandemic's effects on caregivers' mental wellness, which prompted them to rapidly develop a Psychological First Aid program, offering caregivers immediate mental health support. Recognizing that the pandemic would be affecting lives for the long-term, PeaceHealth expanded support options by establishing the "Care for the Caregiver" program. This program offers free 30-minute virtual, on-demand support sessions with a licensed mental health clinician, monthly virtual group Caregiver Wellness Sessions with learning strategies to manage social, emotional and physical wellness, and stress, and weekly virtual prayer and mindfulness sessions to help caregivers renew their spirit in addition to chaplain rounding, prayer requests and one-to-one support.

No words can adequately capture how PeaceHealth's remarkable caregivers have endured, persevered, and prevailed in service to our healing mission throughout the pandemic. I am mindful of just how much their compassion has been called upon over the last few years. Again and again, they answered the call to serve our communities. Again and again, they showed up with grit and grace. We must and will do the same for them.” – Liz Dunne, President and CEO

2nd HP Inc. – Palo Alto, California (Local Office: Vancouver) – 12,002 Employees

HP Inc. is the market leader in personal computing (laptops, tablets, and desktops), printing, and other business solutions, with the vision to create technology that makes life better for everyone. 

As a unique and powerful way to raise awareness and engagement in Well Beyond, in March of 2022, HP announced new investments and enhancements to Well Beyond based on employee feedback and critical needs. This investment in employee wellbeing offered new incentives and programs promoted through our inspiring “90 Days to a Better You” campaign. Employees were given a full paid day off to focus on wellbeing, a free membership to Headspace, a mindfulness meditation app, and a six-week immersive program to tackle hardships. More than 18,500 employees and dependents around the globe registered for the Headspace app through HP Inc. 

One of the reasons I value working at HP so much is its consistent focus on its employees. The strong emphasis on employee wellbeing that comes through time and again via programs such as the “90 Days to a Better You” ensures we don’t forget about taking care of ourselves, no matter how busy our day-to-day lives might be. I think all the initiatives offered under the Well Beyond umbrella are great, well thought out, and specially curated for our busy lives! Great examples are the “Me Day” offered in April and the Wellness Allowance, which were fantastic ways to get employees to focus on personal wellbeing. I spent my Wellness Allowance on renewing my subscription to my fitness center, and my “Me-Day” was well spent with my parents at a cinema. I am proud to be working for a company like HP, which goes above and beyond to support employee wellbeing and offers plenty of resources that anyone and everyone can take advantage of!” – Anonymous HP Employee

3rd U-Haul International – Phoenix, Arizona (Multiple Local Offices) – 14,021 Employees

U-Haul has been the No. 1 choice of do-it-yourself movers, with a network of more than 23,000 locations across all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Their customers' patronage has enabled the U-Haul fleet to grow to approximately 176,000 trucks, 126,000 trailers, and 46,000 towing devices. U-Haul offers nearly 825,000 rentable storage units and 71.6 million square feet of self-storage space at owned and managed facilities throughout North America. U-Haul has also been recognized as one of the top 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America for the past two years.

One of their most unique benefit offerings, Virta, is a science-backed Type II diabetes reversal program that is offered to anyone on the health plan at no cost. In 2021, U-Haul witnessed $722,730 in prescription savings due to 97% of their population enrolling in the RX Saving Solutions program. Additionally, U-Haul saw 11,000 visits in 2021 for telemedicine, reflecting the growing level of desired access to quality care through telehealth offerings. In 2021, U-Haul opened their onsite fitness center, the Shoen Center, a 54,208-square-foot complex on their headquarters campus in Phoenix. 

"The Shoen Center has improved both my mental and physical health. It brings back a college campus feel for me, and I have really enjoyed using the basketball court and meeting colleagues I don’t typically get to engage with. I personally never had a primary care doctor, so having the Healthier You Clinic onsite is extremely convenient for scheduling purposes. Overall, everything the well-being program has done has helped increased my quality of life." - Anonymous

4th Accenture – Chicago, Illinois (Local Office: Seattle) – 57,000 Employees
5th CBIZ – Clevland, Ohio (Local Office: Seattle) 5,192 Employees
6th Terracon Consultants, Inc. – Olathe, Kansas (Local Office: Terrace) – 5,424 Employees

The Healthiest Employers® survey is scored and powered by Springbuk, a health intelligence platform that simplifies data-driven decision-making with an intuitive user experience, predictive modeling, and curated action steps. The assessment is scored rubric style on a 1-100 scale. Since 2009, Healthiest Employers has been the leading recognition program for employee wellness. Today, we currently host award ceremonies in over 45 regions across the country and applicants are not only eligible for local recognition, but also have the chance to earn a spot on the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America. This national award takes the highest scoring applicants from all locations, company sizes, and industries. To sign up for the Healthiest Employers newsletter and get more information on our events, join our mailing list today