2023 Healthiest Employers of Colorado

July 24, 2023‍ – In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2023 Healthiest Employers of Colorado.

2023 Healthiest Employers of Colorado
July 24, 2023

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2023 Healthiest Employers of Colorado.

Five of these organizations – Boulder County, Garver, Genuine McCarthy Enterprises, Inc., Shamrock Foods, and U-Haul – were named to the 2022 Healthiest 100 Workplaces America award. We will announce the 2023 award winners in October of this year. 

77.3% of the Colorado companies surveyed are on a hybrid schedule where employees are in the office on specific days. 22.8% work onsite or in-person and 0 companies are fully remote. 

Additionally, some notable statistics from this year’s groups include:

  • 95.5% offer tuition reimbursement
  • 77.3% are providing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training opportunities
  • 68.2% have incorporated family planning benefits into their programs
  • 9.1% have introduced unlimited time off policies to their employees

Congratulations to the following organizations for their achivements!

2 to 149 Employees

1st Fransen Pittman General Contractors – Englewood – 148 Employees

Fransen Pittman is a builder that goes beyond construction, creating facilities where communities can learn, innovate, and grow. They are committed to transparency, collaboration, and exceeding their clients' visions. Fransen Pittman's most unique benefit is "Zero Health," which aims to reduce cost barriers for employees by providing them access to a network of medical facilities where they can receive various medical procedures at no cost. These procedures include MRIs, CT scans, surgeries, sleep studies, diagnostic colonoscopies, mammograms, bloodwork, physical therapy, and more.

The impact of this program is evident in the positive changes it brings to employees' lives. By the end of 2022, 10 individuals reported significant improvements: a total weight loss of 160 lbs, successful quitting of smoking/chewing, and discontinued prescribed medications. Additionally, their bio-screening numbers showed better ranges, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

2nd Aimco – Denver – 61 Employees

Aimco is a diversified real estate investment company with a nearly 30-year history of growth and innovation in the multifamily sector. Today, the Aimco platform is focused on a total return strategy that includes development, redevelopment, and other opportunistic investments.

At Aimoco, each teammate is a part-owner and is provided stock grants for the company. They offer extended, fully-paid paternity leave for men, women, and adoptive parents for up to four months, allowing them to bond with their new child. Other healthy offerings include free breakfasts, healthy snacks and drinks, a workplace cafe, dry cleaning, tuition reimbursement, and more than 25 paid days off annually.

150 to 1,499 Employees

1st Garver – North Little Rock, Arkansas (Local Office: Denver) – 1,136 Employees

Garver is an employee-owned firm founded in 1919 and offers engineering, planning, architectural, and environmental services. With over 1,000 employees in the U.S., they specialize in aviation, construction, facilities design, federal projects, surveying, transportation, water, and wastewater.

Garver's strong company culture keeps employees excited about coming to work each day. They prioritize a healthy work-life balance, which is promoted through their in-house wellness program that is personalized for each employee's unique wellness journey. In 2023, the program was enhanced by partnering with Asset Health, allowing them to maintain the in-house approach while delivering tailored well-being solutions to employees. Garver takes pride in their achievements, including their WELCOA Well Workplace Platinum status, ranking #86 on the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America list, and being featured in the Returns on Wellbeing Institute's case study for their mental health campaign. Additionally, 94% of employees received the Wellness insurance premium discount in 2022.

2nd AlloSource – Centennial – 498 Employees

AlloSource is one of the largest human tissue providers, honoring tissue donors by creating innovative dermal, cartilage, tendon, fascia, bone, amniotic, and living cellular allografts to help heal patients and serve as a trusted partner in the medical community.

The company's most unique offering is a comprehensive benefits program designed to support employees' total well-being across eight pillars: Physical, Mental, Balance, Community, Social, Financial, Purpose, and Career. They provide various benefits, including health coaching, flexible work schedules, mental health support, financial education, career development opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. By addressing all aspects of well-being, the company aims to create a thriving and supportive work environment for its employees. Financial wellness remains an important piece of their program by offering tuition reimbursement, HRA/HSA contributions, and onsite educational opportunities surrounding finances.

3rd Walker & Dunlop – Bethesda, Maryland (Local Office: Denver) – 1,395 Employees

Walker & Dunlop is one of the largest commercial real estate finance companies in the United States providing financing and investment sales to owners of multifamily and commercial properties. Walker & Dunlop’s CEO, Willy Walker, is one of the biggest supporters of workplace wellness. Willy actively participates in promoting wellness, often engaging in activities like running with employees or sharing his bike rides with clients. He emphasizes the importance of employee well-being and sets a goal of having over 50% of employees track their health and wellness activities in the wellness portal. In 2022, the company rewarded over $1,200,000 to employees who met the wellness program goals, further highlighting their commitment to supporting employee health and wellness.

4th Apartment Income REIT Corp. (AIR Communities) – Denver – 749 Employees

1,500 to 4,999 Employees

1st Boulder County – Boulder – 2,137 Employees

Boulder County serves nearly 300,000 residents and fosters a vibrant, healthy, and active community. Each of our respective departments and employees is tasked with fulfilling our vision statement, "As trusted stewards of Boulder County's future, we provide the best in public service." The RethinkCare program, offered through the Virgin Pulse platform, provides free access to stress management, resiliency, mindfulness meditation, and mental health support. Since its inception in early 2021, the program has seen a 61% increase in members. Quarterly engagement includes 718 members completing 1,700 minutes of training and 350 sessions. Feedback from members indicates that 100% of them learned to meditate, and 97% reported reduced stress and anxiety. The program's positive impact highlights its effectiveness in supporting employees' mental well-being and contributing to a healthy work environment.

2nd Gilbane – Providence, Rhode Island (Local Office: Englewood) – 3,005 Employees

Founded in 1870, Gilbane is one of the largest privately held, family-owned, globally-integrated construction and real estate development services companies. 

Gilbane provides a comprehensive and inclusive benefits package tailored to meet the diverse needs of its employees and their families. They have partnered with WINFertility to remove barriers to infertility diagnosis for all individuals, regardless of whether they have been diagnosed with infertility. Gilbane has also expanded its Adoption Assistance Program to include surrogacy support through WINFertility. This enhancement gives employees and their families more resources to navigate their unique family formation journey with the help of Gilbane's family benefits. Because the construction industry has one of the highest suicide rates, they also expanded their mental health program to provide more no-cost programs.

3rd Jefferson County – Golden – 2,909 Employees

Jefferson County is a municipality in the U.S. state of Colorado whose mission is to promote the safety, health, and well-being of the Jefferson County community and the stewardship of its resources. Jefferson County, Colorado offers a range of wonderful benefits to its employees, with one of the most unique being a flexible work schedule, including a 4-day workweek option. Many employees choose this option to better balance their personal life and work commitments. Additionally, employees may adjust their schedules to accommodate family and personal needs, providing a supportive and flexible work environment. The wellness program at Jefferson County is highly effective, with an impressive average well-being challenge completion rate of 74%. Participants who complete challenges or programs report making positive behavior changes, demonstrating the program's success in promoting employee well-being and encouraging healthy habits.

4th Philadelphia Insurance Companies – Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania (Local Office: Englewood) – 1,875 Employees
5th JE Dunn Construction – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: Denver) – 4,197 Employees

5,000+ Employees

1st Shamrock Foods Company – Phoenix, Arizona (Local Office: Commerce City) – 5,416 Employees

Shamrock Foods Company is a family-owned-and-operated, Forbes 100 privately held company. Its family of companies includes ​​Shamrock Foods—the largest independent food service company in the West, and top five in the United States—and Shamrock Farms, one of the largest family-owned and operated dairies nationwide. Shamrock has an unwavering commitment to its more than 5,600 associates with its longstanding philosophy being “to treat associates like family.” 

Shamrock Foods Company lives this philosophy by helping employees with their physical health, happiness, community engagement, continuous learning, and financial wealth. One of the company's unique offerings is the Payer Matrix partnership, aimed at reducing associate costs for prescription medication and specialty drugs. This benefit has allowed Shamrock associates and their family members to access important medications with little to no out-of-pocket costs and no increase in copays. In 2022, the program assisted with over 250 specialty pharmacy claims, resulting in a net savings of nearly 70% for Shamrock associates.

2nd U-Haul – Phoenix, Arizona (Multiple Local Offices) – 17,170 Employees

U-Haul, a leading provider of do-it-yourself moving services, operates a vast network of locations across the United States and Canada. With a fleet of trucks, trailers, and towing devices, as well as self-storage facilities and propane services, U-Haul is a prominent player in the industry.

They have also been recognized as a top employer for veterans and a health-conscious workplace. To further support mental well-being, U-Haul introduced a Mindset App Reimbursement program in 2022 that covers mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation techniques. Executive leadership actively promotes these benefits and encourages team members to utilize them and seek the help they need. The onsite medical clinic integrates mental health benefits into its services, with providers trained to assist team members in accessing the appropriate resources.

3rd Genuine McCarthy Enterprises, Inc. – St. Louis, Missouri (Local Office: Denver) – 6,469 Employees

Genuine McCarthy Enterprises, Inc. is approaching 160 years in the construction industry where we focus on learning, building, and growing to meet the needs of our clients. We are a non-residential builder focused across the United States. As a 100% employee-owned company, the health and well-being of our employees have always been paramount. The program's success is attributed to continuous improvement and enhancements, resulting in consistently high participation levels over ten years with their wellness vendor. Employees participate in an average of 14.6 activities per month, exceeding the industry average. McCarthy achieves high engagement by offering relevant and interesting options to employees. In 2022, they organized a national fitness challenge called "Race Through McCarthy," virtually exploring job sites, and conducted financial wellness days. Their primary medical insurance covers all preventive medications at no cost, and employees can access additional savings through Rx Savings Solutions. Included Health provides support for navigating health plans and obtaining second opinions.

4th Children's Hospital Colorado – Aurora – 8,500 Employees
5th Burns & McDonnell – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: Centennial) – 8,408 Employees
6th Banner Health – Phoenix, Arizona (Local Office: Greeley) – 54,294 Employees
7th CBIZ – Cleveland, Ohio (Local Office: Denver) – 6,471 Employees