2023 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota

October 31, 2023‍ – In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2023 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota.

2023 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota
October 31, 2023

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2023 Healthiest Employers of Minnesota.

All applicants were considered for our Healthiest 100 Workplaces America award which was announced on October 4

81.0% of these companies surveyed are on a hybrid schedule where employees are in the office on specific days. 19.0% work onsite or in-person and 0 companies are considered fully remote. 

Congratulations to this year’s finalists!

*Please note that employee counts are based on full-time employees. 

2 to 99 Employees 

1st Minnesota Air, Inc. – Bloomington – 96 Employees

Minnesota Air is a family-owned business serving the HVAC industry. Minnesota Air was created in 1981 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of that company. In 1999, Minnesota Air spun off and became a separate corporation concentrating solely on the HVAC industry and is now the longest-tenured full-service HVAC distributorship in Minnesota.

Nice Healthcare is an employer-paid telehealth program for employees on MN Air Medical Insurance. It provides in-home and virtual primary care, x-rays, medications, physical therapy, and mental health therapy through a user-friendly app, at no cost. Employees can use this benefit for themselves and their dependents, even if not covered under their insurance, eliminating co-pays and the hassle of traditional medical appointments. Over the past year, utilization of this program has increased by over 5%, resulting in $77.5K in savings and 334 hours saved on doctor visits and appointments.

The company has taken significant steps to support employee mental health during the ongoing crisis. This includes providing managers with training and tools to recognize and address mental health issues within their teams, prioritizing employees' well-being over their job responsibilities, organizing more events to promote work-life balance and enjoyment at work, introducing department-wide mental health days for Operations teams during busy periods, offering tools and resources from vendors and insurance providers, and accommodating flexible work arrangements such as hybrid and remote work for those who need it.

2nd HealthSource Solutions – Plymouth – 52 Employees

HealthSource Solutions provides worksite health promotion and onsite fitness center management services.

HealthSource believes that its most unique benefit offering is a wellness portal that supports employees in all areas of well-being. Employees can customize their journey by choosing challenges that are specific to their needs and the company currently has over 90% engagement in this program.

The company has also invested in the importance of mental health by implementing a Mental Well-being Committee that creates goals and tracks metrics to support employee health. They also encourage employees to earn mental health first aid certifications through reimbursements. Employees also have access to health coaching, EAPs, text coaching, and a designated mental well-being app. 

3rd IntePros – Waltham, Massachusetts (Local Office: Bloomington) – 55 Employees

IntePros offers expert consultants to businesses nationwide, with services covering three main business areas: PMO Suite (Project Management Office Suite), Information Technology, and Quality and Regulatory Compliance.

IntePros’ distinctive wellness program stands out due to its personalized approach toward employees. Some employees are on flexible schedules, while others enjoy working in the office from their standing desks. Their tailored approach has proven instrumental in both attracting and retaining talent within the organization. The company's initiatives, including providing healthier snacks, an onsite gym, and the option to reimburse gym memberships, have spurred a notable surge in health-conscious eating and fitness activities among their population.

IntePros has taken an active approach to handling Mental Health with their teammates. Their team is able to take off any time they need without an explanation whenever they need a break. We have also improved check-ins and open communication to make sure their remote employees know they have a support system here.

100 to 999 Employees

1st Great River Energy – Maple Grove – 543 Employees

Great River Energy is a not-for-profit wholesale electric cooperative focused on the generation and transmission of electricity. They produce power and distribute it through high-voltage lines to 27 member cooperatives who then supply homes, farms, and businesses. Although relatively small in the electricity industry, they are recognized for their innovative and leadership initiatives, serving rural Minnesota and suburban areas through their member cooperatives.

One unique benefit offered is free accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity coverage to individuals on the high deductible health plan with an HSA, aiming to alleviate financial concerns for employees. The standout achievement is an 81% program completion rate, earning employees a $1,000 well-being incentive cash reward, demonstrating a decade-long track record of over 80% employee engagement and participation in the program, highlighting strong employee involvement.

The company offers free mental health virtual visits for all healthcare participants. Furthermore, employees, eligible dependents, and household members are entitled to up to 8 free in-person mental health visits annually. In addition, they have introduced a mental health training certification course and established a mental health and well-being employee resource group to demonstrate their dedication to employees and promote mental health awareness.

2nd Mate Precision Technologies – Anoka – 280 Employees

Mate Precision Technologies, established in 1962, is a renowned manufacturer specializing in advanced work holding and tooling solutions for the precision metal cutting and sheet metal fabrication sectors. Their mission is to Respect, Support, and Inspire metalworking professionals worldwide by providing high-quality products and services to enhance factory productivity.

The company supports employee well-being in various dimensions, including physical, mental, intellectual, financial, safety, social, and emotional. They also provide individual 401k advisory services through a woman-owned and operated company, 401k Plan Professionals, focusing on financial education and retirement planning. Employees can earn wellness incentives by meeting with 401k plan professionals at least twice a year, reducing their annual benefit premium costs by up to $750.

The organization provides various mental health resources, such as EAP services, educational materials, and wellness programs. Hourly employees enjoy increased flexibility in their schedules and time-off options, which now include personal time off (PTO), floating holidays/personal days, and unpaid leave, a change made in 2022. This adjustment allows for better handling of mental health days and unplanned absences without the previous need to use PTO or accumulate attendance points.

3rd Doran Companies – Bloomington – 124 Employees

Doran Companies is a leading real estate developer known for transparency and dedication. They are among the largest woman-owned businesses in Minnesota and the upper Midwest, with expertise in development, design, construction, and property management. Their inclusive culture fosters trust and enduring relationships, all while building pride and value in real estate.

Annually, Doran collaborates with HealthSource Solutions to offer all employees the opportunity to undergo optional biometric screenings and body scans, encompassing bloodwork and measurements like height, weight, and waist circumference. This event sees high employee participation, enhancing their awareness of overall health and wellness. The screening offers personalized recommendations for improving health, and its on-site convenience saves employees time and effort compared to scheduling similar exams with their family doctors.

The company emphasizes mental health in the workplace and has implemented various initiatives, including on-demand counseling services through insurance plans. They promote work-life balance and offer a free subscription to the Calm Mental Health app. Additionally, they organize mental health awareness events and training to reduce stigma. The social well-being committee hosts challenges related to mental, emotional, and financial health. The company aims to create a supportive and inclusive work environment, addressing diversity and inclusion through its DEIB council. They actively work on supplier diversity, combat spatial segregation and discrimination, engage in community outreach, and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce.

4th City of Brainerd – Brainerd – 125 Employees
5th City of Stillwater – Stillwater – 125 Employees
6th City of Woodbury – Woodbury – 253 Employees

1,000 to 4,999 Employees

1st Syngenta – Greensboro, North Carolina (Local Office: Stanton) – 4,435 Employees

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. Syngenta emphasizes its Reaping Rewards Wellness Program, which allows employees to accumulate points for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This program takes a holistic approach, addressing mind, body, and spirit to promote overall well-being. It aims to engage employees at various stages of their health and fitness journey, ensuring positive benefits for everyone. The program offers the opportunity to earn up to $300 annually for participating in healthy behaviors, making it a significant incentive.

Syngenta has adopted a comprehensive approach to tackle mental health issues within the company. They introduced Mental Health Safety Leadership Training, equipping leaders with tools to support colleagues' well-being. Over 400 leaders in the North American region have undergone this practical training. Another version of this training has also been made available to all Syngenta employees. Additionally, the company has organized employee webinars where internal leaders share their mental health experiences, alongside mental health professionals offering coping strategies. These initiatives aim to promote proactive mental health care, encourage support for others, and normalize discussions about mental health. Further discussions and mental health safety training are planned throughout the year.

They provide five covered sessions through their Employee Assistance Program and cover 100% of mental health costs outside of medication through health insurance. The company has also introduced flexible work schedules and a new vacation policy, granting all employees 30 vacation days per year, with a mandatory 15 days to be used. These measures are designed to enhance work-life balance and support employees in leading fulfilling and productive lives. Syngenta is committed to addressing mental health through a multifaceted approach. 

2nd JE Dunn Construction – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: Minneapolis) – 4,197 Employees

JE Dunn Construction is a top domestic general building contractor in the U.S. with 26 office locations. Their vision is to be an indispensable business partner by understanding purpose, goals, and their customers' needs and then delivering transformational solutions with certainty of results. 

At JE Dunn, the principle of Families First drives their unique support for employees through the Maternity Management program. With a birthrate surpassing the Blue Cross Blue Shield average by 40%, the program is a pivotal way to ensure optimal outcomes for pregnant employees and their families. This personalized program is designed to guide and assist pregnant employees and their spouses, aiming for healthy results and positive experiences for both mother and baby.

A dedicated maternity health coach accompanies individuals throughout their maternity journey, offering guidance from preconception through postpartum. This comprehensive support includes planning assistance, education, resources, and decision-making aid. This approach significantly enhances the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, and smooth return to work. The program structure incorporates three prenatal calls and one postpartum call with the health coach, providing continuous support during each phase. The success of the program is evident, with participants receiving a $500 Visa gift card upon completion. The enrollment window has been extended to 26 weeks into pregnancy, expanding support to more families. Looking to the future, the program will include a post-partum depression screening, acknowledging the importance of monitoring maternal and mental health. The program's growth is evident in increased utilization and engagement from 2021 to 2022, with expectations of continued growth driven by enhancements in 2023.

3rd West Monroe – Chicago, Illinois (Local Office: Minneapolis) – 1,998 Employees

West Monroe is a digital services firm focused on partnering with businesses in transformative industries to deliver measurable financial value. They view digital as a mindset, not a mere project, team, or destination. Their approach involves diverse, multidisciplinary teams combining management consulting, digital design, and product engineering to transition companies from traditional methods to digital operating models. Their 1,900+ employees work collaboratively based on shared founding values and are dedicated to ensuring their clients' success is their own success.

West Monroe offers an extensive family planning program with benefits that cover various aspects. They partner with Maven Maternity, providing access to 1,400 practitioners and dedicated care support, encompassing services like egg freezing, fertility support, pregnancy, and adoption, available 24/7. They track a 45% higher utilization rate compared to industry benchmarks.

The company also extends childcare, eldercare, pet care, and tutoring benefits through Bright Horizons, offering 10 discounted backup care days annually, with a participation rate of 46.7%, exceeding the industry benchmark.

To support family bonding, West Monroe provides up to ten weeks of paid parental leave at 100% of base pay, which can be used continuously or intermittently within 12 months of the birth or adoption of a child, enhancing financial security. This comprehensive family planning offering reflects the company's strong commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment.

4th Element Fleet – Sparks, Maryland (Local Office: Hopkins) – 1,600 Employees
5th City of Saint Paul – Saint Paul – 3,000 Employees

5,000+ Employees

1st Nelnet – Lincoln, Nebraska (Local Office: Eagan) – 7,198 Employees

Nelnet is a service company specializing in consumer finance, telecommunications, and K-12 and higher education. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, with offices around the globe, their 8,500+ associates work together to serve our communities and make customers’ dreams possible.

Nelnet has emphasized the importance of biometric screenings since 2006, and their aging cohort group continues to show improvement in health metrics through participation in their unique wellness program. The program is designed to be flexible, offering both outcome and participation-based elements and incentives to support well-being on individuals' terms. Nelnet's wellness initiative is personalized, aiming to meet individuals where they are on their health journey without imposing a one-size-fits-all approach.

A distinctive feature of Nelnet's wellness program is the Elite Wellness Experience. Initiated three years ago, this program rewards associates who meet annual health screening goals and engage with the wellness platform. A random selection of 50 associates is granted a "trip of a lifetime" to hike a 14er, promoting teamwork and mental fortitude by pushing participants to their physical limits. 

Amid heightened awareness of the mental health resource shortage in the United States due to the pandemic, Nelnet is actively challenging its current vendors to optimize their offerings and leverage programs. The company regularly raises awareness about mental health resources through quarterly newsletters, company-wide emails, and campaigns. Notably, their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) sees significant utilization, exceeding 70%. This success is attributed to the diverse promotion methods, including internal portals, webinars, leadership presentations, and email communications, underscoring the commitment to making mental health support accessible and well-utilized among employees.

2nd U-Haul International – Phoenix, Arizona (Multiple Local Offices) – 17,170 Employees

Since 1945, U-Haul has been the number one choice of do-it-yourself movers, with a network of more than 23,000 locations across all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. U-Haul is the third largest self-storage operator in North America and offers 876,000 rentable storage units and 75.1 million square feet of self-storage space at owned and managed facilities. U-Haul has been recognized repeatedly as a leading “Best for Vets” employer and was recently named one of the 15 Healthiest Workplaces in America.

In 2022, U-Haul introduced Virta to its benefits package, initially focusing on the Type 2 diabetes program. The outstanding outcomes prompted them to expand offerings to encompass all three Virta programs: Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity reversal. Virta's research-based approach effectively and sustainably reverses these conditions without medication or surgery-related risks, costs, or side effects. The program leads to lowered A1c levels, weight loss, and reduced or eliminated insulin use. Since implementing Virta, participants enrolled in the treatment plan have experienced an average reduction in insulin usage by 54% and collectively shed over 3,200 pounds.

To further support mental well-being, U-Haul introduced a Mindset App Reimbursement program in 2022, covering mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation techniques. Executive leadership actively promotes these benefits and encourages team members to utilize them and seek the help they need. The onsite medical clinic integrates mental health benefits into its services, with providers trained to assist team members in accessing the appropriate resources.

3rd Burns & McDonnell – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: Bloomington) – 8,408 Employees

Burns & McDonnell consists of a skilled team of over 10,000 professionals, including engineers, construction experts, architects, and more. Since 1898, their singular mission has been to ensure the success of their clients by planning, designing, permitting, and managing critical infrastructure projects worldwide.

At Burns & McDonnell, the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) sets them apart as one of the few firms nationwide that are 100% employee-owned, and they have maintained this status for over 30 years. Employee ownership is automatic and provided at no cost to all employee owners. This unique ownership structure goes beyond being a retirement benefit and plays a significant role in driving their success, guiding decisions, and fostering a powerful and distinct company culture.

Recognizing that their employees are not just workers but also owners, Burns & McDonnell offers various onsite benefits to ensure easy access to quality care. These include an onsite health center, pharmacy, and fitness facility. This approach demonstrates their commitment to supporting the well-being of their workforce in a holistic manner.

4th Prime Therapeutics – Eagan – 6,486 Employees
5th CBIZ – Cleveland, Ohio (Local Office: Minneapolis) – 6,471 Employees
6th SpartaNash – Byron Center, Michigan (Local Office: Edina) – 17,300 Employees