2023 Healthiest Employers of South Carolina

2023 Healthiest Employers of South Carolina
October 25, 2023

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2023 Healthiest Employers of South Carolina. All applicants were considered for our Healthiest 100 Workplaces America award which was announced on October 4

90.9% of these companies surveyed are on a hybrid schedule where employees are in the office on specific days. 9.1% work onsite or in-person and 0 companies are fully remote. 

Additionally, some notable statistics from this year’s groups include:

  • 90.9% of leadership is involved in the planning, marketing, and execution of health programs
  • 72.7% provide group diversity and education opportunities
  • 45.5% have implemented a formal mentoring program
  • 36.4% have an onsite clinic for employees 
  • 18.2% of applicants report an average company tenure greater than 10 years

Congratulations to this year’s finalists!

*Please note that employee counts are based on full-time employees. 

100 to 999 Employees

1st Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. – Charlotte, North Carolina (Local Offices: Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster) – 653 Employees

Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. (CEENTA) is a multispecialty practice founded in 1923 that provides services across 18 offices in North and South Carolina. 

 CEENTA offers a robust service to all employees and dependents covered under the medical plan. This service assists with scheduling exams and appointments with in-network providers to the preferences of the employee, addressing concerns regarding a serious diagnosis, gathering information on medical claims, presenting second opinions and alternative treatment options, and connecting covered individuals with the best specialists if necessary. All of these services are offered free of charge and are managed quickly. This benefit aids covered individuals by helping them navigate a sometimes complex medical world.

Our wellness initiative has seen outstanding success and continues to positively impact employees. Part of the wellness program includes an annual exam with employees’ primary care physicians. CEENTA believes that its program works to help members better understand their health. Many employees are returning to the doctor for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and are catching up on possibly missed diagnoses or treatment options for serious health conditions. Overall, they saw 88% participation in our wellness program, which increased from 80% last year. Of those employees, 96% of females completed their age-specific preventative exams, and 80% of males completed their age-specific prostate screenings. The number of male employees who completed their age-specific exam doubled from the previous year and high participation levels indicate a continued desire in employees to take charge of their health and better understand their wellness as a whole.

2nd Cooley Group – Pawtucket, Rhode Island (Local Office: Lancaster) – 125 Employees
3rd Samet Corporation – Greensboro, North Carolina (Local Office: North Charleston) – 509 Employees
4th McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture – Greenville

1,000 to 9,999 Employees

1st Avnet, Inc. – Phoenix, Arizona (Local Office: West Union) – 3,000 Employees

Avnet is a global technology distributor and solutions provider. For more than a century, they have made it easier for customers and suppliers to activate the transformative possibilities of technology. Avnet’s global team provides deep engineering and supply chain expertise throughout the product lifecycle. Whatever the challenge, Avnet has the people, equipment, and global capabilities to turn ideas into realities.

Avnet excels in promoting unique wellness offerings to its employees. They have implemented monthly health challenges, a year-long mental health campaign featuring personal experiences shared by executives, and "Happy Steps Walking Challenges", combining physical and mental health awareness. The company encourages self-care through virtual stretch sessions, offers chair massages at warehouse locations, and utilizes social media to promote healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, Avnet sponsors preventive screenings like flu shots and mammograms. They have expanded their adoption benefits to include surrogacy expense reimbursement, complementing existing fertility coverage and paid family leave benefits, demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting employees' and their families' well-being. 

2nd Westgate Resorts – Orlando, Florida (Local Office: Myrtle Beach) – 6,100 Employees
3rd Terracon, Inc. – Olathe, Kansas (Local Offices: Columbia, North Charleston, Greenville) – 5,554 Employees

10,000+ Employees

1st Bon Secours Mercy Health – Cincinnati, Ohio (Local Office: Greenville) – 39,335 Employees

Bon Secours Mercy Health is leading the way in strategically and nimbly transforming health care delivery and services. Long renowned for providing compassionate, high-value health care through its hospitals and clinical sites in the U.S. and Ireland, the ministry is actively extending healthcare access, enhancing outcomes, and driving value through emerging technologies, investments, and partnerships across four areas of focus.

The Caring for Our Own Hardship Fund aids associates facing financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, or catastrophic events. It operates on donations from associates, fostering community support during times of need and providing financial literacy resources. The program, which has assisted over 3,000 associates, offers coaching, mentoring, and resources, emphasizing financial sustainability. BSMH analyzes data on hardship causation and trends, creating a Hardship Toolkit for market-specific assistance. Financial literacy is a priority, with coaching opportunities and online courses. The program is inclusive, offering resources and support to all associates, creating a comprehensive and diverse community for hardship recovery, and addressing mental and spiritual health impacts through collaboration with various ministry teams.

BSMH prioritizes the holistic well-being of its associates, acknowledging the importance of mental health. The organization has established various resources to support mental health, including a traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering counseling, legal, substance abuse, and financial support. The "Caring for Colleagues" initiative provides a peer-to-peer support network for associates experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue. Additionally, the "Joyages" app-based resiliency program offers micro-courses to improve mental health, with positive outcomes observed, such as a 2% improvement in Flourishing Index scores and a 31% improvement in brain health assessment scores among participating associates. The organization also provides "Breathe and Be Well" meditations for brief moments of pause and recentering.

2nd U-Haul International – Phoenix, Arizona (Multiple Local Offices) – 17,170 Employees
3rd BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina – Columbia – 11,034 Employees