2024 Healthiest Employers of Central Florida

In partnership with Springbuk, we are excited to announce our honorees for the 2024 Healthiest Employers of Central Florida!

2024 Healthiest Employers of Central Florida

2024 Winners

Healthiest Employers® was started in 2009 as a way to celebrate companies that are putting their people first by investing in the health of their employees. In partnership with Springbuk, we are pleased to announce the 2024 Healthiest Employers of Central Florida. 

Each company filled out our annual Healthiest Employers application. The responses are scored Rubric style 1-100 scale. The assessment is made up of six categories with yes/no, multiple choice, and short answer questions, with each question totaling .25-3 points. A Healthiest Employers Index (HEI) is assigned to each application to help rank among companies of similar sizes. For information on how the applications are scored, please visit our methodology page here.

Seven of the nation’s top 25 fastest-growing cities are located in the Central Florida region:

#1 Fort Myers 

#4 Daytona Beach

#6 Ocala 

#9 Orlando

#10 Sarasota

#13 Tampa

#18 Lakeland

For the last few years, a heavily debated topic has been on returning to the office vs. remote work vs. hybrid work. Our Central Florida applicants reported that:

  • 6.1% work completely in the office or on-site
  • 42.4% report that they are on a hybrid schedule with certain days/times in office
  • 42.4% only provide specific roles or teams with work-from-home opportunities
  • 9.1% are considered a fully remote workforce

Notable health and wellness trends among this year’s applicants include:

– 18.2% report a tenure of greater than 10 years, a testament to the benefits and flexibility offered by their employer. The average employee tenure is 4.1 years according to an article posted in Forbes last year. Workers aged 55 to 64 had the highest average tenure at 9.9 years, while workers between the ages of 25 and 34 had an average tenure of only 2.8 years.

– Many companies are also investing heavily in their employees’ career development.

  • 97.0% have a training database or intranet resources available for continued education
  • 87.9% of Central Florida applicants report offering tuition reimbursement opportunities
  • 87.9% provide career planning meetings or courses to help employees plan their futures within the organization
  • 69.7% have a formal mentoring program in place to help employees meet with coworkers and move up within the organization

– With approximately 40% of the American workforce being parents of children under the age of 18, flexibility is critical in maintaining a happy and healthy culture. 84.8% of companies are offering a paid personal day policy and 60.6% are providing employees with family planning opportunities.

– Financial health is so important to one’s overall health. Last year, only 44% of Americans reported being able to cover an unplanned $1,000 emergency and 58% of Americans believe that money is controlling their lives. Employees with this mindset are not going to be able to bring their best selves to work. 93% of Central Florida applicants provide access to financial planners and advisors to help combat these rising anxiety-inducing issues.

Congratulations to all of our winners this year! Please note that employee counts are based on their national full-time employee count and company headquarters. Write-ups were only completed on the top 3 winners in each category.

50 to 499 Employees

1st Orange County Library System

453 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

Orange County Library System (OCLS) is nationally recognized by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for its exceptional contributions to public education and lifelong learning. Their main library, situated in the heart of Downtown Orlando, serves as a hub for knowledge, creativity, and community engagement. In addition to the main library, they also operate 15 branch locations throughout Central Florida. OCLS provides 24/7 access to ebooks, audiobooks, and videos, ensuring that users have valuable resources at their fingertips.

At (OCLS), the mission centers on enhancing individuals' quality of life and fostering a culture where well-being is integral. OCLS recognizes the importance of a thriving workforce and offers many benefits to employees, including: 

  • Additional paid time off through the completion of various wellness events 
  • Stress relief days with therapy dogs and massage chairs
  • Monthly newsletters and campaigns highlighting various wellness topics
  • Volunteer-led events, such as scavenger hunts and competitions that foster a social environment and build relationships among coworkers

A standout initiative at OCLS is the "Mindful Moments" program, providing daily mindfulness exercises to employees. This integration of mindfulness into the workday has resulted in improved focus, reduced stress, and increased overall well-being. Additionally, OCLS has implemented various strategies to support mental health, including events, webinars, and online counseling services. Their commitment to recognizing staff efforts and providing work-life balance initiatives emphasizes their dedication to employee happiness and engagement.

“The Orange County Library System values every staff member and strives to provide resources and opportunities for each to maintain a healthy and well-balanced life in all areas – including physical, mental, and financial wellness. Thanks to the continued efforts of our Health, Safety & Wellness (HSW) committee, participation in our well-being program continues to grow. I’m always thrilled to hear the success stories of staff who have benefited from these resources.” –Yvonne Hartley, Chief Human Resources Officer

2nd Kissimmee Utility Authority

260 Employees

KUA demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting its employees' health and financial wellness. Recognizing the impact of financial stress on overall well-being, KUA provides free face-to-face and virtual financial consultations with a financial advisor for employees and their spouses. Wellness is deeply ingrained in KUA's culture and is evident in various initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of employees and their families. They actively engage in community events, such as free movies in the park and volunteering with local organizations during the Day of Giving. KUA also organizes events like field days and wellness challenges to promote physical agility and teamwork among employees. 

In response to the global mental health epidemic, KUA began providing three different Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, offering unlimited calls and free in-person visits with mental health professionals to address employees' mental health needs. Through these comprehensive initiatives, KUA prioritizes the well-being of its workforce and fosters a supportive and healthy work environment.

"Our wellness program allows us to influence employees and encourage healthier lifestyles positively. We don’t want them to only be productive at work, but also lead fulfilling lives outside of the workplace. Our program enriches our company and the lives of our people.” –Kevin Crawford, Vice President of Finance & Administration

3rd ReEmployAbility, Inc.

80 Employees

Founded in 2003, ReEmployAbility is the largest national provider of early return-to-work services and transitional employment programs. Their Transition2Work program offers employers a cost-effective solution to modified light-duty assignments after injuries, reducing claims costs and providing ample time to heal. Utilizing their accredited, national network of nonprofit partners, they create innovative programs to help accommodate injured workers transition back to work.

ReEmployAbility stands out for its comprehensive financial wellness program, designed to alleviate employee financial stress through debt reduction, savings accumulation, and retirement planning. The high participation rate in initiatives like the 401(k) auto-enrollment, where nearly all employees engage within 90 days, underscores a strong commitment to securing their financial futures. Acknowledging the strain of rising healthcare expenses, ReEmployAbility absorbs a significant portion of annual insurance premium increases to ease the financial burden on employees. Without a solid understanding of personal finance principles, employees may struggle to manage their money effectively, leading to poor decisions and increased stress. These initiatives and workshops have fostered a culture of financial empowerment among employees to move them from a paycheck-to-paycheck mentality. The company-wide $1000 Emergency Savings Challenge demonstrates the program's effectiveness, with almost 80 employees collectively saving $42,037.02 in the first 90 days. 

Initiatives like the $1000 Emergency Savings Challenge have yielded impressive results, with employees collectively saving over $42,000 in the first 90 days. These efforts foster a culture of financial empowerment, evidenced by employees supporting each other in making cost-saving decisions and engaging in open discussions about saving and budgeting. Overall, ReEmployAbility's financial wellness program demonstrates a tangible impact on employee morale and well-being.

“Our commitment to wellness programming is rooted in our belief that our employees are our greatest asset. We prioritize their well-being because we understand that healthy and happy employees are more engaged, productive, and innovative.” –Debra Livingston, Chief Executive Officer

4th I&E Construction – Wilsonville, Oregon (Local Office: Orlando) – 216 Employees

5th Corestream Tampa, Florida – 120 Employees

500 to 1,499 Employees

1st Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC)

1,264 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) is a municipally-owned public utility that provides electric, water, lighting, and solar services to more than 400,000 accounts in Orlando, St. Cloud, and parts of unincorporated Orange and Osceola counties. OUC supplies exceptional value to its customers and community through sustainable and reliable services and solutions. In June 2023, the utility celebrated 100 years of serving Central Florida. As OUC prepares for the next century, it remains committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 while supporting the community with conservation, sustainability, and energy efficiency resources.

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) has implemented a targeted health and wellness strategy aimed at preventing and reducing the prevalence of eight chronic health conditions. Collaborating with Aetna, OUC's Plan Administrator, and local healthcare systems, they introduced a prescription benefit program eliminating cost shares for generic medications and diabetic supplies. Understanding the multifaceted nature of wellness, OUC expanded offerings to address contributing factors to chronic conditions, such as weight management and pre-diabetes, through programs like AdventHealth's Thrive and New Day New Way. OUC covers the participation costs for members, which include employees, retirees, and their dependents.

This strategic shift has resulted in several benefits, including greater equity across income levels, reduced medication costs, improved prescription adherence, and a reduction in retrospective risk scores below industry benchmarks. Notably, OUC's generic dispensing rate has risen to 85%, with a 98.7% acceptance rate for generic substitutions. Savings from these changes are reinvested into program enhancements and offsetting premium increases for members.

“OUC’s Wellbeing, The Power to Thrive Program exemplifies the organization’s commitment to improving the lives of our employees, retirees, and their dependents. Wellness is a key component of the corporate strategy and leaders are measured on KPIs that advance health, wellness, and safety.” –Latisha Thompson, Chief Employee Experience Officer

2nd TLC Engineering Solutions, Inc.

503 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

TLC Engineering Solutions is a highly acclaimed consulting engineering firm and is consistently ranked among the top design and engineering firms in the nation. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, TLC serves a variety of markets, including healthcare, education, transportation, government, and commercial sectors, both domestically and globally.

One unique benefit offered to TLC employees is their Women’s Initiative (WI) Annual Summit. The conference was all about the WI’s mission to empower women with the tools to achieve advancement in the workplace while supporting personal growth. A five-member panel of esteemed women leaders in the AEC industry shared their stories and the panelists represented different generations in various stages of their careers and personal lives. Members are provided with a safe, open space and encouraged to contribute to discussions and collaborate with the supporting committees.

Mental health is a continued focus for TLC. Employees receive 24/7 access to extensive behavioral health tools and support through various communication channels such as email, posted announcements, and videos on TVs in the office. Employees are also encouraged to take mental health days off when needed without explanation or pre-planning, as this can help reduce stress and encourage relaxation

“TLC excels as a corporate leader because we are a group of educated professionals that care about our company as a whole—our profit, our retention, our mental well-being, and our impact on our community.” –Mandy Missal, Marketing Specialist


Daytona Beach
1,429 Employees

NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and is an American auto racing company and one of the top-ranked motorsports organizations in the world. 

NASCAR provides all employees with access to Wellable, a wellness platform that offers on-demand fitness and health classes, company challenges, and informative articles promoting well-being. Employees also receive no-cost, in-person, and virtual counseling sessions to encourage positive mental health practices. Additionally, employees are offered biometric screenings that have consistently had large participation. The aggregate data collected in these screenings serves as a guide for all wellness programs and initiatives at NASCAR. When health trends are identified, the team comes together to alter offerings to address the ever-changing needs of their population. 

“I love the quarterly challenges! I still use products and services from former quarter challenges and the prizes are well appreciated! I love bragging about our company’s wellness initiatives and can’t wait to see the engagement and participation grow.” –Brooke Boice, Manager of Human Resources

4th CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA – Orlando – 1,031 Employees – 2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner Healthiest Employers Hall of Fame Member

5th Altamira Technologies Corporation – McLean, Virginia (Local Office: Tampa) – 587 Employees

6th LYNX Transportation – Orlando – 1,100 Employees

7th Henderson Engineers – Lenexa, Kansas (Local Office: Tampa) – 902 Employees

1,500 to 4,999 Employees

1st BankUnited, N.A.

Miami Lakes, Florida (Local Office: Orlando)
1,264 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

BankUnited, N.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of BankUnited, Inc., is one of the largest independent depository institutions headquartered in Florida, providing a broad range of consumer and commercial banking products and services to individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, large corporations, and institutions. BankUnited operates banking centers throughout Florida and New York.

BankUnited’s wellness program has gained significant visibility and was featured in local news throughout Miami and Broward Counties. The program continues to see over 90% engagement due to various in-person and virtual participation options. In response to the global pandemic in 2020, the company expanded its offerings to include disease management education, with regular webinars featuring local physicians. New initiatives based on employee requests include a 6-week diabetes management program and a mental health identity program. On-site services now also feature skin cancer screenings, dental services, mammograms, eye examinations, and therapeutic workshops. In 2024, a Cancer Support Group led by employee survivors will launch, alongside adoption clinics and volunteer opportunities in partnership with the Humane Society.

“The BankUnited Employee Wellness Program has been a critical component of my exercise and wellness program since its inception. The convenience of having a state-of-the-art fitness center just steps away provides greater flexibility in the times I can exercise and eliminates many excuses with going to the gym. I have also found that the group classes offer a variety so badly missing from what was my normal routine. It is a true benefit for employees. Additionally, the wellness programming has addressed a number of very important issues that impact our employees daily. I am proud to participate and encourage my teams to engage.” –Juana Sanchez, Bank Operations

2nd Higginbotham 

Fort Worth, Texas (Local Office: St. Petersburg) 
3,248 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

Higginbotham is a single-source solution for insurance, financial, and employee benefits services. The employee-owned firm was established in 1948 and ranks by revenue today as the nation’s 21st-largest independent insurance brokerage.

Higginbotham has significantly enhanced its mental health resources in recent years in response to employee interest and engagement. Employees and their families have access to an Employee Assistance Program and a full subscription to Koa Health for digital mental health solutions. 

They have also partnered with Lyra Health, providing all employees and their dependents, regardless of medical coverage, with up to eight free coaching or therapy sessions per year. These sessions can be conducted in person or via video with licensed therapists, addressing issues like stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, relationship problems, sleep disorders, and more. Lyra Health also offers work-life services, including legal support, identity theft assistance, dependent care, and financial coaching. Those covered by the medical plan can access continued care therapy and medication management. In Q1 of 2024, over 80 employees were matched with a mental health professional, with the median time to the first appointment being 0.8 days and all starting care within two weeks. This benefit has received a perfect satisfaction rating from employees.

“Higginbotham is a people-first firm, and one of our core values is to be family to our employees. That means giving them the resources they need to lead healthy lifestyles so they’re happy at home, productive at work, and satisfied with their employment so they’re part of our family for many years.” –Rusty Reid, Chief Executive Officer

3rd AAA Northeast

Providence, Rhode Island (Local Office: Heathrow)
3,306 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

For over a century, AAA Northeast has been a trusted and highly recommended brand. One of the largest and most innovative membership organizations in North America, AAA Northeast is a nonprofit auto club with locations spanning six states.

AAA Northeast is proud of their diverse culture, investing in many talents, skills, passions, and expertise of their employees. The wellness program is also designed to be diverse, flexible, and evolving to support each employee’s health and wellness goals. AAA is investing in their employees’ mental health by providing 100% paid access to mental health assistance through their platforms and subscriptions. Additionally, employees who participate in this option receive a mental health rebate to be used as they see fit. Some examples include spa services, mobile apps, additional therapy sessions, yoga, and various other hobbies. 

Another important aspect of their wellness program is financial health and understanding that many Americans struggle with anxiety and stress from finances. To address this, AAA Northeast has the following in place for financial wellness:

  • 6% 401(k) match available after only 90 days of employment
  • 100% fees paid for access to a financial planner
  • Tuition reimbursement policies for career advancement
  • Adoption assistance for parents
  • Seven weeks of 100% paid paternity leave 

“I love learning about different experiences and how I can better improve myself through the programs offered. I also love how the club gives volunteer time off and I look forward to using that time with my coworkers to help the community around me. It's great to see how much a company cares for its employees and the community around them." –Anonymous Employee

4th InComm Payments – Atlanta, Georgia (Local Office: St. Petersburg) – 1,974 Employees

5th Tavistock Group – Windermere – 1,700 Employees

6th Gilbane – Providence, Rhode Island (Local Office: Orlando) – 3,100 Employees

7th Philadelphia Insurance Companies – Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania (Local Office: Lake Mary) – 1,939 Employees

8th StoneX – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: Winter Park) – 1,788 Employees

9th City of Clearwater – Clearwater – 1,631 Employees

10th Charlotte County Government – Port Charlotte – 1,500 Employees

11th CITY Furniture – Tamarac – 2,435 Employees

12th Rosen Hotels & Resorts – Orlando – 3,289 Employees

5,000+ Employees

1st CBIZ

Cleveland, Ohio (Local Office: Tampa) 
6,841 Employees

CBIZ provides professional business services in accounting, tax, and advisory services as well as employee benefits and insurance services. CBIZ has over 100 offices and 6,000 team members located throughout the U.S. and serves organizations of all sizes and individual clientele. 

Through Accolade, CBIZ has seen 83% of team members utilizing the platform to help find in-network providers, answer health-related questions, and explain coverage offerings. By participating in various wellness activities, employees can earn points towards discounts on medical premiums and prize drawings. CBIZ also encourages their workforce to give back to their communities by offering up to 8 hours annually to volunteer during work hours. Because of the many employees and offices throughout the country, CBIZ has also started a “Our Great People Great Place (GP2) program that focuses on fostering a healthy work environment, positive social opportunities with coworkers, and creating a great place to work. This program hosts onsite local office gatherings and workplace awards to bring employees together. Additionally, CBIZ offers various Employee Resource Groups such as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and Pride to promote their continued DEI efforts. 

“CBIZ continues to experience record growth and as we grow our business, we likewise continue to prioritize and invest in the health and wellbeing of our team members. We strive every day to bring one of our key core values, ‘Our People Matter,’ to life. In addition to our focus on well-being, we’ve made critical strides in strengthening our award-winning culture including the expansion of our Employee Resource Group offerings, which help to build community across our company and create new opportunities for our team members to connect and support each other. For the coming year, we plan to build on this progress and align more incentives to encourage more team members to take full advantage of these valuable resources and opportunities.” –Elizabeth Newman, Chief Human Resources Officer

2nd U-Haul International

Phoenix, Arizona (Multiple Local Offices)
16,371 Employees
2023 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Winner

Since 1945, U-Haul has been the #1 choice of do-it-yourself movers, with a network of more than 23,000 locations across all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. In addition, they have a fleet of over 186,000 trucks, 128,000 trailers, 46,000 towing devices, 876,000 rentable storage units, and 75.1 million square feet of self-storage space.

U-Haul is very proud of their Virta offering, a clinically proven treatment to reverse Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and pre-diabetes. Through this treatment plan, U-Haul Team Members have been able to lower their A1c, lose weight, and reduce or eliminate the usage of insulin.  Their mission is to sustainably reverse the conditions without the risks, costs, or side effects of medications or surgeries. 38% of diabetes-specific medications have been eliminated, insulin dosages have been reduced by 63%, and 16,000 total pounds have been lost through the use of this program. 

U-Haul also strives to make healthy lifestyles attainable and affordable, which is why in 2021,  they invested in a 54,000-square-foot corporate fitness center and on-site cafeteria where employees can order healthy meals for less than $5. While U-Haul is a vast corporation, their values are deep-rooted in family culture. From team-building challenges to the sharing of healthy recipes and tips, there is an unmistakable investment in everyone’s wellness journey. 

“The wellness and benefits programs have helped me tremendously with my weight loss journey! As a work-from-home senior agent, the ‘Get Fit Program’ is one of my favorites because it has motivated me to go to the gym more, focus on my fitness goals, and be more active, especially since I am sitting for the majority of my work shift. The reimbursement incentive they offer not only helps alleviate the costs of my gym membership, but the check-ins incentive has me excited and ready to workout every day! I feel healthier, happier, and stronger!” –Leah Short, Senior Agent

3rd Seminole County Public Schools

10,379 Employees

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is the 13th largest school district in Florida and is 57th nationally with more than 63,000 students and more than 10,000 employees. SCPS is a leader in education throughout Central Florida and is widely recognized as a Premier National School District

Each year, the SCPS Community comes together for unique health and wellness events. The Mental Health Awareness event focuses on employee mental health and ways to be mindful through various strategies such as fitness, nutrition, exercise, social camaraderie, volunteerism, and more. Employees are provided information on the many offerings available to them and then treated to onsite fitness classes, yoga sessions, golf lesions, nutrition seminars, mindfulness sessions, and more. This allows team members to feel prepared when entering the new school year. Another exciting event is the annual Superintendent 5k and Wellness Fair open to all employees and their families. During this event, the community runs or walks a 5k together and then is treated to a day full of music, nutritious foods, health vendors, and family fun events. Along with many other events throughout the year, SCPS compliance rates have exceeded previous numbers and the data shows that numbers have increased to approximately 68% active participants. 

“But perhaps what makes me proudest is the knowledge that our wellness program isn't just about benefiting the bottom line—it's about doing what's right for our employees. By investing in our employees' overall well-being, we're enhancing their quality of life and driving life-long positive change in their lives.” –Dawn Bontz, Director of Employee and Government Relations

4th Burns & McDonnell – Kansas City, Missouri (Local Office: Maitland) – 9,946 Employees

5th Westgate Resorts – Orlando – 8,000 Employees

6th Black & Veatch – Overland Park, Kansas (Local Office: Orlando) – 10,440 Employees

7th CGI Technologies & Solutions Inc. – Fairfax, Virginia (Local Office: Tampa) – 14,136 Employees

8th Terracon Consultants, Inc. – Olathe, Kansas (Local Office: Winter Park) – 6,450 Employees

To learn more about the Healthiest Employers program, please visit our FAQ page.