#6 OneAZ Credit Union‚ Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

November 10, 2021‚ OneAZ Credit Union is a local financial cooperative committed to improving members' lives with enhanced financial services and community outreach programs. We have a full line of financial products and services. As a repeated Healthiest Employers applicant, they are no stranger to success. Thea Ammon, Senior Benefits Administrator, shares her secrets to their program‚ success over the last few years.

#6 OneAZ Credit Union‚ Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

OneAZ Credit Union

Emphasizing Whole-Person Wellness

November 10, 2021

Ranking: #6

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

Full-Time Employee Count: 505

About: OneAZ Credit Union is a local financial cooperative committed to improving members' lives with enhanced financial services and community outreach programs. We have a full line of financial products and services.

As a repeated Healthiest Employers applicant, they are no stranger to success. Thea Ammon, Senior Benefits Administrator, shares her secrets to their program’s success over the last few years.

OneAz Credit Union steps forward with wellness in the midst of the 2020 pandemic.
Q: What specific element of your program is moving the needle for your well-being program and positively affecting your employees' health?

A: OneAZ’s focus on whole-person well-being is the element of our wellness program we’re most proud of. We are dedicated to focusing on the needs of our associates, especially in times of major change. In2020, we pivoted to meet the needs of our associates and our environment by focusing on emotional well-being. We also added a financial wellness campaign throughout COVID-19 that helped associates plan and save for financial crises.

In addition to providing our associates with resources based on their needs, OneAZ also strives to ensure strong communication throughout our organization. Our Education & Training team began sending e-newsletters focusing on important information related to the organization and the pandemic.These newsletters provided resources for leading effective virtual meetings, resilience, relaxation, staying active at home, managing kids and remote schooling, and mental health.

We also held virtual all-associate “huddles” every other week to provide information regarding what we were doing, what resources were available, and boosting overall motivation and engagement. Human Resources shared information on testing, benefits resources, CDC information, and guided affected associates if they were ill or exposed. In addition, our EAP and financial providers created custom webinars to provide resources to associates.

“OneAZ is all about improving the lives of our associates and providing a supportive and positive workplace culture. Our health and wellness programs encourage our associates to live healthy lifestyles, support our communities through volunteerism and set aside time for relaxation. I am thrilled to see our associates embracing these programs each day. I believe that making healthy choices makes us all more productive, happier, and makes life more enjoyable.”

– Kim Reedy, President and CEO

The OneAZ game room provides a place for employees to relieve stress and take a break during the work day.
Q: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, how did your organization work to create a "Pandemic Plan" and what factors did you take into consideration when making these decisions? What effects of this plan are still in motion today and/or in the foreseeable future?

A: Our number one priority is the safety of our members and our associates. OneAZ had a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and team in place for over 10 years. Historically, this team has met to discuss annual implementation strategies for all types of disasters including health outbreaks. We were prepared in advance with PPE along with many basic operational concepts. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team quickly came together to review how to adapt as an essential employer. We are proud to share that many of the recommendations we had already implemented in our Pandemic Plan later came out through CDC guidelines. The diversity of our team’s functional areas allowed quick response to equipment, facility, operational, and human resource needs during the pandemic. Continued communication and transparency with our associates have been maintained along with the personal connection for those who are working remotely.

With the well-being of our members and associates in mind, we continue to research what can be done to enhance the effectiveness of our operation. What sets OneAZ apart from other organizations is our dedication to our people. In addition to prioritizing safety, we wanted to make sure our associates remained financially whole during the pandemic. When equipment was available and associates working from home were healthy, we utilized their skills to service members virtually. This was a win-win scenario, and our staff was extremely appreciative for the opportunity to remain an active part of the team while increasing their skill set and abilities. We have continued this practice to-date and are grateful for our associates’ dedication to our organization during these uncertain times.

Walking desks prevent employees from living sedentary lifestyles.
Q: What makes your well-being program stand out? Relatedly, what statistic best captures the success of your program's effectiveness in the past 12 months?

A: OneAZ has consistently had a flat trend of medical claims, with an increasing amount of enrollment over the past six years. We directly tie wellness to recognition and engagement throughout our organization, ensuring that all our associates feel motivated to focus on their whole-person health. Our associates demonstrate strong participation in our wellness and well-being programs year after year. As an example, we experience 98% participation in both biometrics and completing Health Risk Assessments from our associates every year. We recognize how important the health and overall wellness of our associates is to our organization, and we reward and recognize that commitment. Another stand-out element of our wellness program is our dedication to providing special training and resources about programs that associates can participate in. On their first day, new hires receive education training for each of our wellness and benefit programs. This ensures our associates can effectively participate from their first day and provides them with the resources and contacts they need should questions arise. For those associates that have been with our organization for years, we provide resources and direct contact information to guide and assist them. These elements make a significant impact in our associates’ lives, which is our priority.

“OneAZ focuses on a holistic approach with members, communities, and especially with associates. We consider the integration of all components of benefits, compensation, and wellness programs to address physical, mental, and financial stability. We strive for continuous improvement, new offerings, and higher engagement in an effort to find ways to touch all of our associates in a meaningful way. As a result of devoting time, energy, and resources to our extensive wellness programs, we are excited to continuously offer low-cost health insurance, reduced turnover, enrich talent acquisition and most importantly, improve associate morale.”

– Michael Emanuelli, Chief Administration Officer

The HR team at OneAZ challenges each other to find innovative strategies as we focus on the well-being of our associates, members, and communities.

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