Linda Duffy – 2023 Wellness Champion Award Winner

Oct. 6, 2023 – Linda Duffy

Linda Duffy – 2023 Wellness Champion Award Winner

Oct. 6, 2023

Linda Duffy

Well-Being Program Manager

Broward County

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Linda Duffy, Well-Being Program Manager at Broward County, is credited with creating and implementing an award-winning Well-Being Program aimed at proactively addressing employee health and wellness. The program offers diverse resources and initiatives, including healthy cooking classes, fitness challenges, stress management resources, and financial education. A central feature is the utilization of the UHC Rally Program, a digital health platform enabling users to set and attain health goals, monitor progress, and receive rewards. Employees accrue points for engagement in these activities, which can be exchanged for items like gift cards and fitness equipment.

The Broward County Well-Being Program is an integral part of the county's strategic plan to enhance employee retention. Aligned with a broader approach that includes competitive compensation, positive work environments, and targeted focus areas like leadership development, employee recognition, and health initiatives, the program signifies the county's commitment to employee well-being. Through a comprehensive strategy encompassing physical, emotional, and financial wellness, the program contributes to a positive work culture supporting retention goals.

By integrating the UHC Rally Program, Broward County offers an award-winning wellness initiative, well-received by employees for its comprehensive support. Beyond UHC Rally, the program includes onsite fitness classes, wellness seminars, mental health support through an app, and a tobacco cessation program. Overall, the program, recognized for its culture, expertise, metrics, and technology, reflects Broward County's dedication to employee health and retention. She is esteemed as the “Well-Being Guru”, serving as an inspiration within the organization.

Linda actively engages in the programs, showcasing an impressive ability to connect with employees, address questions, and eliminate barriers. Her impact is widely recognized throughout the county, earning her honor and privilege in action. Linda is establishing a legacy marked by heart, soul, integrity, and compassion, leaving a lasting positive influence on the employees she serves.