Rolonda Smith – 2023 Wellness Champion Award Winner

Oct. 6, 2023 – Rolonda Smith

Rolonda Smith – 2023 Wellness Champion Award Winner

Rolonda Smith

Employee Experience Manager

Cincinnati Public Schools

Cincinnati, Ohio

Rolonda is a dedicated employee of the Cincinnati Public Schools system and has actively contributed to the Benefits Committee for several years. Since the onset of COVID, she has been instrumental in promoting employee engagement in wellness programs, conducting mental health lunch and learns, and raising awareness about available resources. 

Despite teacher and staff shortages, Rolonda consistently advocates for prioritizing wellness as a crucial investment for CPS. She believes that the health and well-being of employees directly impact their commitment to the organization and students. Rolonda actively secures additional funds for self-care activities, such as chair massages, mental health presentations, ergonomic assessments, and nutrition consultations. Recognizing the importance of leading by example, she prioritizes her own well-being and organizes monthly presentations focusing on mental health. Rolonda goes the extra mile to personally invite staff and creatively encourages participation in upcoming wellness activities. Her advocacy extends to organizing health fairs, where she encourages senior leadership to engage, fostering a culture of well-being within the organization.

“Thank you Healthiest Employers Program for shining a light on this important work,” said Smith when notified of her accomplishment. “A special thanks to Alaphiar Miller for the nomination and the entire TriHealth Team for their partnership. This collaboration has assisted us in creating a health and wellness culture within Cincinnati Public Schools. We recognize that when we take care of our employees, they are better equipped to take care of our students and families.”