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Below is a list of our current regions with an active Healthiest Employers program. To nominate your organization for regional designation, select your state or city below. Each page will have supplemental details pertaining to your state or city, such as:

Nomination Period
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Healthiest Employers
2023 Deadlines

Kansas City: January 31
Phoenix: February 17
Oregon: April 9
Charlotte: April 21
Ohio: April 30
Kentucky: April 30
Central Florida (Orlando): April 30
Colorado: April 30
Albany: April 30
Gulf Coast: May 31
Jacksonville: May 31
South Florida: May 31
Philadelphia: May 31
Bay Area: May 31
Northern California (Sacramento): May 31
Southern California (Los Angeles): May 31
Western Pennsylvania: May 31
New York City: May 31
New Jersey: May 31
Tennessee: May 31
Texas: May 31
Connecticut: May 31
St. Louis: May 31
Atlanta: June 2 (extended)
Rhode Island: June 16
Healthiest 100: July 31

All regional deadlines can be found by selecting your region from the dropdown column to the right!

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